How Drive-by-Wire Systems Work


drive-by-wire systems pic

Drive-by-Wire systems help you control your car with electronics instead of mechanics.

Most cars have mechanical and hydraulic systems for these controls. This requires a lot of different parts that can weigh down your car, and all that metal means serious risk of degradation. Drive-by-wire, conversely, is an innovative technology that is used to electronically control your speed, braking, turning, and any other driving command you give your car, which makes for easier handling.

With drive-by-wire, the heavy mechanical parts are replaced with much lighter electrical wires that use sensors to collect information and then transmit the information to the relevant parts of the car. Sensors on the gas pedal, for instance, measure how much pressure you put on the pedal and send the data to the engine management system. This system determines how much fuel is used to accelerate, among other things.

Furthermore, if the electronic system fails, as batteries and electronics aren’t 100% reliable, a mechanical backup system will kick in, solving the drive-by-wire system’s biggest drawback. Plus, fly-by-wire has been used for a long time in planes, so there’s experience and expertise at play. Overall, safety has been considered when it comes to drive-by-wire, and any major issues have been addressed.

New Ford Edge Equipped with “Technology with Purpose” to Conquer Segment

When you think of the Ford Edge from years past, you probably imagine a very sturdy, very reliable SUV. While those older models can still get the job done, they simply aren’t going to blow anyone away, especially in today’s incredibly competitive SUV market. Therefore, Ford went back to the drawing board to design an all-new Edge that’s ready not just to compete, but to rule the SUV segment.

2015 New Ford EdgeFord touts the new Edge as having “Technology with Purpose.” In other words, the new Ford Edge comes with many new or improved features, both inside and out; all designed using cutting-edge technology and materials. Even the car’s frame and suspension systems have been improved, making the car stronger and giving it better handling at the same time.

Thanks to the Edge’s longer wheelbase, you’ll have more room both for your passengers and your cargo in this new model. This new Edge is powered by a 2.0L four-cylinder EcoBoost engine which gets 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft. of torque.

The design for this better-than-ever Edge came from a special place. Kevin George, now the exterior design manager for the Edge, used to have a job designing cars for Hollywood movies and NASCAR. He also designed the popular “Richocet” toy car you might remember from your youth. It’s no wonder this new Edge looks so special. Come see us at Cambridge Classic Ford to learn more!

Golden Gear Award

Ford Honored with Golden Gear Award for Engineering Excellence

Ford has always been a driving force of innovation in the automotive industry, with more than 100 years of creative and efficient new vehicles and products. Just last month – Ford was awarded with the coveted Golden Gear Award.

This award, granted by the Washington Automotive Press Association (WAPA), recognizes Ford’s “111-year history of engineering innovation,” additionally honoring Henry Ford himself for his vision that changed the automobile game.

Golden Gear Award

1.0-liter EcoBoost Engine

The award distribution occurred at WAPA’s 30th Anniversary Gala, a time to reflect on which auto companies have truly maintained a legacy of powerful, efficient vehicles. In light of so many excellent competitors, Ford still remains at the top.

At the gala, one of the vice presidents at Ford, Jim Holland, accepted the award, citing the promising path laid out by Henry Ford and how “the Ford team continues driving innovation through every part of our business to improve people’s lives.”

With Ford EcoBoost engines and the best-selling truck F-Series all over the roads, it’s easy to see that Ford continues to fulfill their namesake’s ideas.

Ford Focus RS Promo Video May Prove Dangerous for the Unsuspecting Viewer

Ford recently released a promo video for the upcoming Ford Focus RS. Gearheads shouldn’t have any trouble watching it. They’ve already know they’re getting the new Focus RS. The people that are really in danger are the ones who won’t suspect how enticing and fun the Focus RS looks as it handily negotiates the harsh curves in a mountain road with ease, almost abandon. It appears…irresistible.

It’s not surprising that a winding mountain road was the chosen venue for exhibiting the new Ford Focus RS. The compact sportster was made for them. In the Ford Focus RS promo video, the Focus seems to literally grab the road with the help of the Dynamic Torque Vectoring. Suspension has been updated this time around and the Focus also has a ride height that’s been lowered to reduce drag.

But you aren’t going to appreciate those handling and suspension features without a strong powertrain to get the Focus up to speed. That’s provided by a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, good for 316 horsepower. Mountain roads beware.

Ford Ride-Sharing App

Ford Ride-Sharing App and Transit Van Still in Developmental Stages

With the advent of mobility apps; such as Uber and Lyft, there has been a definite shift in the way the public utilizes mobility, and Ford is doing its best to keep up with the trend. “There is a white space for a new product,” John Abernethy, Ford’s project lead for the Advanced Product Group in the UK, told the Washington Post.

“Between a taxi and a bus is a space for something else.”

Ford Ride-Sharing App

2015 Ford Transit Connect XLT – The new transit vehicle might be based on this.

So what is that something else? Ford announced that it is testing the field as a “mobility provider” with its ride-sharing service app. While continuing its auto making production, the company’s focus will not only be limited to the app development, but for a dedicated transit vehicle for the pooling service as well.

Although still in the developmental stage, Ford’s “dynamic social shuttle” may debut in the streets of London as soon as this year.

We at Cambridge Classic Ford appreciate the forward thinking of the Ford ride-sharing app while the company still maintains its devotion to a quality product.

2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

Introducing the 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility: The New Face of the Law

Think twice criminals: the new Ford Police Interceptor recently debuted at the Chicago Auto Show. This new model features the latest in technology and performance, and it looks incredible too. Some people might even be tempted to break the law just for a chance to ride in the back seat.

2016 Ford Police Interceptor UtilityAccording to Ford, the 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility has already captured 55% of the market, meaning it’s quickly becoming the next standard police SUV. The new model was specially designed with our men and women in blue in mind. A board consisting of 25 experts from law enforcement helped critique the design as it was made.

“Our Police Interceptor Utility is the best-selling police vehicle in America because we have a unique relationship with our customers,” said Jonathan Honeycutt, Ford North American marketing manager for Police Vehicles. “By listening to the Ford Police Advisory Board, we have engineered a vehicle that officers love.”

The Police Interceptor Utility comes standard with a 3.7-liter V6 that cranks our 304 hp and 279 lb-ft of torque. An EcoBoost V6 is also being made available for departments that want to be as eco-friendly as possible. With a unique Pursuit Mode and off-road capabilities, this is one SUV you don’t want on your tail.

2015 Mustang Safety Features: Award-Winning Safety for High-Octane Driving

Not only is the new Mustang a high-performance muscle car, but it also features an incredible new safety system. The 2015 Mustang safety features recently earned it a five-star Overall Vehicle Score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This just goes to show that the new model truly has everything you could ever need.

2015 Mustang Safety FeaturesThe NHTSA was most impressed with the improved safety on the latest model. According to Ford, the new Mustang has twice as many airbags as before, twice as many peripheral crash sensors, and an innovative new seatbelt-tensioning system.

“The new Mustang was built from the ground up,” said Carl Widmann, Mustang chief engineer.  “It is more refined, more powerful and it has everything people have come to love about Mustang for the past 50 years.”

Aside from the array of standard safety features, the new Mustang also comes with driver assist technology. This includes adaptive cruise control, BLIS® Cross-Traffic Alert, and SYNC 911. With all of these features, you’ll be safer than ever in one of the world’s most popular muscle cars.

2015 Ford Edge Sport Update Makes it the Most Powerful Yet

Ford has finally revealed the juicy under-the-hood details of the all-new 2015 Edge Sport, and boy it’s looking good.

Thanks to the newest 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine rated at 315 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, the 2015 Edge Sport is officially the most powerful Edge yet. This is in part thanks to the compacted graphite iron—the same material as Ford’s 6.7-liter Power Stroke—that enables the EcoBoost to be remarkably stiff and compact, improving power and torque while reducing noise and harshness.2015 Ford Edge Sport

Ford didn’t just improve the engine, however. The suspension has also been upgraded with stiffer front and rear antiroll bars, enhanced dampers, and stiffer springs that offer significantly less body roll. Overall, this will make the car more controllable and precise around corners.

Check out the official press release for the rest of the details on the Ford Edge Sport update, and come test drive it at Cambridge Classic Ford to see for yourself just how well it handles!

Top Secret Ford GT Finally Revealed

In a world where new car photos are leaked all the time, Ford managed to keep the all-new 2016 Ford GT a complete secret for more than a year. For 14 months, the design and manufacturing of Ford’s 600 horsepower supercar remained under lock-and-key, in a super-secret, unassuming basement storage room.

Ford GT Front ViewOnly a small number of employees had access to the storage room, using actual old-school metal keys instead of the electronic ID cards usually used to get employees access to the building. In fact, losing this particular key just might get you fired. The employees were aware of the project only on a need-to-know basis, and were sworn to secrecy. Not even friends or family were allowed to know what their loved ones were working on all day (and often at night and on the weekends, too).

On occasion, the team would take the car outside for testing and to assess the project in the light of day. This only happened on weekends or days when no one else was around. The project – code name Phoenix – turned out to be a complete success, since not one photo was leaked until the 2016 Ford GT was officially revealed at last month’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

According to, keeping rivals like Acura (who revealed their NSX supercar just after the secret Ford GT was revealed) in the dark was certainly a benefit to its super-secret production, but the true reason behind all the secrecy was to speed up the decision-making process. Bureaucracy can bog the entire process down, and on a short timeline, it was beneficial to involve as few people as possible.Ford GT Back View

“Usually, we like to encourage, especially on important programs, wide input from around the world,” Moray Callum, Ford’s global design chief, said. “But on this one, we sort of realized both in terms of time and the element of keeping it quiet that we probably had to change the process here, so we picked a small group of designers.”

Here at Cambridge Classic Ford, we are drooling over the GT. What do you think? Was the GT worth keeping a secret? Tell us in the comments!

Ford GT Carbon Supercar Revs Up Detroit Auto Show

While the new Ford F-150 has dominated the Blue Oval’s headlines for many months now, Ford still managed to put out another equally impressive performance car at the North American International Auto Show this year—the Ford GT Carbon Fiber Supercar. This Ford GT supercar is one of twelve new performance vehicles the brand promised us by 2020—and if this is the standard, we’re excited to see the rest of those cars, for sure.

The Ford GT gets its power from its EcoBoost engine. Ford has begun implementing EcoBoost technology in basically every one of their vehicles, and this engine, a twin-turbocharged V6, is the most powerful EcoBoost offering yet. In fact, it will get over 600 horsepower. That engine is mid-mounted, and the car also features rear-wheel-drive and a beautiful carbon fiber design.

Ford GT Carbon

What’s more, the GT also received the EyesOn Design Prize for Best Production Vehicle at NAIAS. The award is given to the best production and concept vehicles making their global debuts in Detroit.

“Ford and its employees are honored to receive this recognition,” said Moray Callum, Ford Motor Company vice president, Design. “The great thing about the all-new Ford GT is that we were able to maintain the essence of the original GT40, while making it into a 21st century car. The GT’s cutting-edge technology and engineering demonstrate Ford’s commitment to performance and innovation in every aspect of our business.”

We’re certainly proud of the Ford GT Carbon Supercar here at Cambridge Classic Ford, but we’d be even more proud to see you behind the wheel of one. So come see us today to learn more about the supercar that shocked Detroit—and to get more information on all the Ford performance cars coming this decade.