Traffic Tickets that will Raise Your Insurance

The only time you want to see red and blue lights is when they are on a Christmas tree or some other decorative object. You never want to see them flashing in your rearview mirror. Usually when you get pulled over, you’ll end up with a ticket. Just that one ticket can make your insurance costs go up. If you get more than one ticket, be prepared for your insurance to go through the roof.

Insurance rate increase due to traffic ticketEven though every company has their own formula for figuring out your premium, there are some traffic violations that will affect your rate more than the rest. Here are the top five:

1. Driving while impaired/under the influence. This one can cause your premium to increase by as much as 25%. Insurance companies are not known for handing out ‘passes’ on this violation.

2. Reckless driving. Expect your premium to raise anywhere from 15% to 20% if you get nailed with this charge. The violations that fall into the definition for reckless driving varies throughout the country, so it’s better to just keep your hands and eyes on the road.

3. Driving without a valid license. We’re sure that you would never consider doing this on purpose, but sometimes you forget to renew your license when your birthday rolls around. An incentive to not forget the next time you need to renew? If you get caught without a valid license, you’re looking at 10% premium increase…and that’s not accounting for anything else you may be fined for.

4. Running a red light. Breezing through the light because you’re in a hurry or plain just don’t want to stop are not excuses your insurance company is going to care about as they’re raising your premium an estimated 10%.

5. Speeding. You may not think going over the limit is a big deal, but we bet you’ll think twice after your premium goes up about 10%.

Make sure you drive legally and safety. And pass these tips along to your kids as a good warning as they start driving. Staying ticket-free is better for you and your insurance bill.