Ford Focus RS Promo Video May Prove Dangerous for the Unsuspecting Viewer

Ford recently released a promo video for the upcoming Ford Focus RS. Gearheads shouldn’t have any trouble watching it. They’ve already know they’re getting the new Focus RS. The people that are really in danger are the ones who won’t suspect how enticing and fun the Focus RS looks as it handily negotiates the harsh curves in a mountain road with ease, almost abandon. It appears…irresistible.

It’s not surprising that a winding mountain road was the chosen venue for exhibiting the new Ford Focus RS. The compact sportster was made for them. In the Ford Focus RS promo video, the Focus seems to literally grab the road with the help of the Dynamic Torque Vectoring. Suspension has been updated this time around and the Focus also has a ride height that’s been lowered to reduce drag.

But you aren’t going to appreciate those handling and suspension features without a strong powertrain to get the Focus up to speed. That’s provided by a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, good for 316 horsepower. Mountain roads beware.

Ford Focus Continues Reign as World’s Top Selling Car; Celebrates with a Makeover

The Ford Motor Company simply could not wait to get their hands on the new full year of Polk data from 2013. It’s something they—along with us here at Cambridge Classic Ford—have been waiting for the way kids wait for Christmas morning. And just like Christmas morning, the wait was totally worth it: Ford analyzed the data from IHS Automotive and came to the conclusion that, once again, the Ford Focus is the best-selling car across the globe.

Sales of the Focus actually rose 8.1% over 2012 sales, and Ford moved a total of 1,097,618 units of the compact passenger car over the 2013 calendar year. “It is remarkable to see Focus again lead the industry as the No. 1-selling vehicle nameplate on the planet,” said Jim Farley, an executive vice president for Ford.

And just how do you celebrate your victory cementing you as king of the hill for another year, despite fiercer competition than ever before? If you’re the Blue Oval, you design a whole new Focus, ready to dominate the world’s new car markets for another generation. “With the new car, we’ve raise the bar again, showcasing Ford’s commitment to continuous improvement—adding better technology for drivers and a sleeker, more modern exterior across the entire Focus family,” added Farley.

The next-generation Focus will also feature a new engine, a 1.0L EcoBoost offering designed to raise the car’s already outstanding fuel efficiency to an entirely new level. Stay tuned to our blog for more information about the Focus, both the current and future generations, very soon!

Ford Looks to Continue World Domination with Rejuvenated 2015 Focus

You’ve probably heard it said that if you’re not getting better, you’re automatically getting worse. Ford, the maker of the world’s best selling nameplate—the Ford Focus—obviously took that proverb to heart. The folks at the Blue Oval, not content to just stay the course, have managed to invent an even better Ford Focus for 2015.

The 2015 Focus sees improvements in every single aspect of its design, starting with the exterior. The car’s frame received some slight shifts, making it sleeker and more elegant, while also bringing the design closer to the rest of the Ford family. The interior has also been revamped, with improved storage and updated interior colors, appointments, and accents. Finally, the newest Ford Focus will feature a 1.0L EcoBoost, which once again raises the standard for fuel efficiency among small cars.

“We have taken the title of world’s best-selling nameplate to impressive new heights with the redesigned Focus,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford executive vice president and president of The Americas. “Its combination of compelling, modern design and the most high-tech interior in the class will appeal to contemporary consumers who desire a small car with very sophisticated features. What makes Focus so attractive to consumers today – being great to drive, delivering exceptional fuel economy and value, and offering leading-edge in-car technologies – is amplified with the new Focus.”

Chances are you already know how great the Ford Focus is—but you’ll still be amazed by just how much better Ford has made it for the 2015 model. So make sure to stop in to Cambridge Classic Ford later this year when the new Focus goes on sale.

Ford “Focuses” on Safety for 2014 Model

The Ford Focus, which continues to hold the prestigious title of best-selling car in the world, just added even more accolades to its collection. For 2014, all models of the Focus—both the sedan and the hatchback, plus the Focus Electric—earned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s highest honors, the 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for safety. The Focus, which also earned the 5-Star rating last year, has thus established itself as one of the safest and smartest small cars on the market.

For the 2014 model year, the Focus takes advantage of Ford’s AdvanceTrac electronic stability control and anti-lock brake system, which comes standard on all models. AdvanceTrac technology keeps track of both the ever-changing road conditions and your reactions to those conditions to enhance your car’s reaction time and stability out there on the roads. The Focus also comes equipped with front and side air bags, specially designed to cushion drivers and passengers alike in the event of a crash.

When you add the Focus’s high safety rating to its sporty look, roomy interior, and its unbelievable gas mileage—up to an EPA-estimated 40 mpg highway—it becomes hard to think of a reason not to consider the Focus as the frontrunner to be your next car. After all, it’s the world’s best-selling nameplate—everyone else is doing it! So swing by Cambridge Classic Ford today to check out the globe’s most popular car!

Cambridge is Focused on the Ford Focus

Just in case you don’t already know, the Ford Motor Company recently revealed that the Focus was the best-selling nameplate in the world for the year 2012. Just over 1 million Focus small cars were sold. Most of these sales happened in China, with over a quarter of all Focus sales. The United States came in as the second largest sales market.

This success is continuing on in 2013. Not that this comes as a surprise to those of us at Cambridge Classic Ford. The 2.0L It-VCT direct-injection I-4 engine is just as powerful as it is fuel efficient. With an EPA estimated 26 mpg city and 36 mpg highway, you really do get a lot of bang for your buck.

With standard dual-stage front airbags, front-seat side-impact, and SafetyCanopy™ side-curtain airbags in the first and second row, this is one of the most safety oriented cars on the market. The combination of the latest technology, safety features, and fuel efficiency make the Ford Focus a great investment. Added standard details like the AdvanceTrac electronic stability control and Tire Pressure Monitoring System, give the driver the grip needed to stay on the road and in control.

Maybe you’re a parent or a grandparent looking for the perfect car to keep your kids and grandkids safe. Or maybe you’re just a regular Joe or Jane wanting to keep yourself and your friends safe while saving a few dollars on gas. The Focus has everything you need, no matter what your life situation is.

Come on down to Cambridge Classic Ford and check out the 2013 Ford Focus. We know you’ll love it just as much as the rest of the world does.