The Ford Edge won Utility Vehicle of the Year!

Edge Earns 2016 Reader’s Choice Utility Vehicle of the Year Award

The Ford Edge won Utility Vehicle of the Year!

The Ford Edge won Utility Vehicle of the Year!

The Ford Explorer, is getting a lot of attention due to its 2017 version being showcased at the LA Auto Show, and the Ford Edge just won the 2016 Reader’s Choice Utility Vehicle of the Year award from

The 2015 Ford Edge comes with an entirely new exterior design and it also provides the choice of three capable engines. In addition, the 2015 Edge offers seating for up to five passengers and also comes with 39.2 cubic feet of cargo space, and that’s with the rear seat up! When the rear seat is folded down, the 2015 Ford Edge provides an impressive 73.4 cubic feet of storage capacity.

In order to win this award, the 2015 Edge was able to earn more votes than other utility vehicles.

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Ford SUV Sales Increase

Ford has announced that they have been seeing increases in their SUV’s, with SUV’s going so well that Ford is considering selling their SUV crossover, the EcoSport, in America.

In some parts of the country, such as California, the Explorer and Escape’s sales have risen considerably, with Ford sharing the largest part of the sport and crossover utility market. Ford has announced that to meet this demand they are increasing exports of their crossover SUV models.

“This was a major bet we made with the One Ford plan, and it is paying off,” said Jim Farley, executive vice president, global marketing, sales and service and Lincoln. “Utilities are helping us grow our share in the North American market – particularly in the traditionally difficult coastal markets – and they’re driving our expansion in developing markets, where utility growth is exploding.”

Presently, Ford exports one of every four Explorers it makes. Ford plans to offer the Explorer in over 27 countries by 2017, says Erich Merkle, Ford analyst.

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The Top Ten Bestselling Ford Models of All Time

This week we’ve got an interesting list – the top ten bestselling Ford models. Some you will likely know for sure, others may come as a surprise to you.  We here at Cambridge Classic hope that you find this as interesting as we did:


10. Ford Explorer (1990-present), E-Series (1961-present), and Transit (1965-present) – a tie between three models that have each sold 6,000,000 units over their many generations.


9. Ford Mondeo (1993-present) – selling over 6,500,000 units, this model is also known as the Contour and now the Fusion.


8. Ford Ranger (1983-present) – has sold over 7,000,000 worldwide.


7. Ford Taurus (1986-present) – over six generations, it has sold around 8,000,000 units.


6. Ford Mustang (1964-present) – has sold over 10,000,000 over five generations and is Ford’s longest-running car nameplate.


5. Ford Focus (1998-present) – in just three generations, the Focus has sold over 11,000,000 units.


4. Ford Fiesta (1976-present) – 15,000,000 units sold, spanning six generations.


3. Ford Model T (1908-1927) – the Model T sold a staggering 15,500,000 units in its 19-year run.


2. Ford Escort (1968-2003) – a total of 20,000,000 have been sold worldwide, with Europe buying up over 12,000,000.


1. Ford F-Series (1948-present) – Ford’s bestselling vehicle of all time has sold around 35,000,000 units, the F-Series has also been the bestselling vehicle in the U.S. for 28 consecutive years.



There are some really impressive numbers on there, and several that may not be cars you’d think of as being in the top ten. Nevertheless, it’s really interesting to see those kinds of numbers and to look at what vehicles people have chosen consistently. Have you owned any of those on the list? Let us know on Cambridge Classic’s Facebook page and get in the discussion at: