4 Tips for Driving in the Snow

Winter can be a stressful time to drive here in Cambridge. There’s snow and ice; windows fog really easily; it gets dark early; and visibility tends to be pretty low—not to mention the sun is glaringly bright when there is snow on the ground. To make things a little easier, we at Cambridge Classic Ford have gathered four tips for driving in the snow. We hope these help!

  1. Know your car, especially the brakes: It’s always important that you are familiar with your car, but especially when conditions are bad. Specifically, take note of whether you have antilock brakes or not. AAA recommends threshold braking, regardless of brake types.
  2. Be careful on hills: If you’re approaching a hill, you’re going to want to have inertia on your side. Don’t try to power up it too quickly, but never stop going when you’re climbing a hill.
  3. Refrain from stopping: If you can keep from braking anywhere (not just on that hill we mentioned), please do so. It’s much more difficult to gain inertia from a standstill. Obviously, you must stop at all traffic stops.
  4. Take it slow: Ultimately, slowing everything down in extreme conditions is the best strategy to have. Accelerate, decelerate, turn, everything—slow and steady wins the race. And gets you home safe and sound.

Be careful out there!

2014 Ford C-Max Energi Could be Ford’s Most Technologically Advanced Vehicle

From the outside, the 2014 Ford C-Max Energi may at first appear to be just another oversized hybrid-electric vehicle, but it’s what you can’t see that makes the C-Max Energi truly impressive. What the C-Max Energi may lack in high-end elegance, it more than makes up for in fuel conservation and packing space – and could very well be the most advanced vehicle Ford has ever put into showrooms.

According to indystar.com, Ford offers two versions of the C-Max – a normal hybrid that achieves an impressive 42 mpg city and 37 mpg highway, and the plug-in version, which travels 19 miles on pure electric energy and achieves a total range of 550 miles.

The technologically advanced car features a lithium-ion battery pack which can be charged in just seven hours from a regular outlet, and just 2.5 hours with the optional 240-volt charger. Up front, a 2.0-liter gasoline-powered engine drives the front wheels through a continuously variable transmission. The system uses regenerative braking, electric heating, and a sophisticated control module to conserve (and use) extra energy.

The exterior was designed for maximum efficiency and features aerodynamic curves and smooth surfaces for enhanced airflow. Inside, leather seats, and audio and navigation controls feature an appealing and practical design, while the SmartGuage helps drivers learn what kind of driving will get the most out of their regenerative braking technology.

The 60/40 rear seats fully compensate for any space lost by the battery pack in the cargo area. Additional technologies include a semi-automatic parallel parking system and a hands-free trunk that opens by waving your foot over a sensor under the bumper.

The 2014 Ford C-Max Energi really is the whole package. From interior convenience and connectivity features to a state-of-the-are powertrain that will save you serious dough at the pump, the C-Max offers it all.

Stop by Cambridge Classic Ford to put a C-Max Energi to the ultimate test.

2014 Ford Fiesta Introduces the Tiniest Engine Ford Has Ever Made

Its Ford’s smallest car, available with the tiniest engine Ford’s ever made, but don’t let that fool you. The 2014 Ford Fiesta packs a punch. With 123 hp and 125 lb-ft of torque, you’ll be surprised that this little engine that could can fit in your carry on (with room to spare).

2014 Ford FiestaThe SFE (Super Fuel Economy) option is available on Fiesta SE and Titanium trims, which features a 1.0-liter, three-piston motor. A turbo over-boost delivers up to 148 lb-ft in 15-second bursts. Just as the engine’s name suggests though, the engine aims to increase efficiency, and isn’t necessarily built to be fast. Despite an EPA highway rating of 43 mpg, which is higher than any of Ford’s hybrid models, we think it’s still fair to call the Fiesta “fun to drive”.

Besides being fun to drive and incredibly efficient, the Fiesta is also refined. According to foxsports.com, “the engine has a deep, rich sound without any of the harsh buzz subcompact car owners are familiar with. And thanks to some clever engineering, it’s also much smoother than its odd number of cylinders suggests. Ford intentionally imbalanced the flywheel and crank pulley to offset the off-kilter firing pattern, eliminating the need for the separate counter-rotating balance shaft many small motors use, which keeps the overall package as small and light as possible”.

Put the Fiesta SFE to the test for yourself – your wallet will thank you. Stop by Cambridge Classic Ford today to give a Fiesta a spin.

American’s Know Distracted Driving Is Dangerous, But Do It Anyway

According to a new Harris poll, Americans know that drinking and driving, texting and driving, and other distracted driving is dangerous, but admit to doing it anyway. The real question is if we agree these activities are dangerous, why do we still do it?

According to the poll, a resounding 93 percent of Americans surveyed believe texting and driving is dangerous, and 91 percent of Americans believe reading a text while driving is dangerous. Even though those surveyed know, and agree that texting and reading texts while driving is dangerous, 45 percent have read texts while driving and 37 percent have sent texts while driving.

When it comes to drinking and driving, 94 percent of Americans believe drinking three or more drinks and then driving is dangerous, and 68 percent of Americans believe even drinking just one or two drinks and then driving is dangerous. Unfortunately, 37 percent of those surveyed admit they’ve probably driven after drinking too much.

Besides drinking and texting, drivers are participating in some other pretty odd behaviors while driving. The study found that one in four people have admitted to grooming themselves while driving, another 25 percent said they’ve posted to social media, 19 percent have read a book, newspaper, or magazine while on the road, and 13 percent have watched a video on their smartphone or tablet.

We think it’s time to put down the technology (and the nail clippers and books), and focus at the task at hand. A car can be a dangerous killing machine when not used properly, and we have a major responsibility to ourselves and those around us every time we get behind the wheel.

For more details on this study, check out autos.aol.com.

Really, it can wait.

Stop by Cambridge Classic Ford today to get behind the wheel of your dream car (responsibly, of course). WE look forward to seeing you!

Prom Car Safety

Prom season is here and with that comes a multitude of teen drivers out on the road when they might otherwise not be. According to national statistics from the CDC, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are three times more likely to be in a fatal crash than drivers ages 20 and older.

During prom season, there are increased emotions and distractions in the air. These translate directly to drivers behind the wheel. Most crashes are caused by driver error, speeding, and distractions; all of which are preventable.

Take the advice of the staff here at Cambridge Classic Ford when it comes to prom and being behind the wheel.

  • If at all possible, go with a group and pitch in to rent a limo for the night. This keeps an experienced driver behind the wheel and gives you the freedom to concentrate on taking pictures and having fun.
  • If renting is too expensive, ask a family member to drive you around. As long as they are there at the appointed pick up and drop off times, you’ll have one less thing to worry about for the night.
  • If you are going to be driving, do a safe driving inspection prior to prom night. Bring it in to the service center at Cambridge Classic Ford and we can take care of it for you.
  • Limit the number of passengers in your vehicle, even if it’s a limo. Everyone needs to have a seat belt.
  • Buckle up! You may not want to chance the wrinkles, but it will save your life.
  • Be on time. That will keep you or your driver from speeding to your destination.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, both on the road and off.
  • Always have a back-up plan. In case you get a flat tire or break a heel, you need to have someone you can call in the event of either emergency.

Spring Driving Tips

It seems like spring may finally arrive this weekend! That means everyone will be getting out on the road and really letting loose for the first time this season. We’re sure that for many of you that will mean rolling the windows down and going for a cruise with the radio blasting. While we’re all for having fun and feeling the wind blow through your hair, we would like to offer a little cautionary advice.

  1. Beware of the potholes! After the winter treatments applied to the roadways and the plow trucks being out and about, there are sure to be a few new potholes popping up. So keep your eyes open.
  2. Drivers are not the only ones who are excited to experience the spring weather properly for the first time. Our children and those of our friends, relatives, and neighbors are eager to be out in the sun as well. Make sure you look both ways.
  3. Don’t forget to look out for animals too. Animals are likely to be outside a lot more exploring the fresh sights, sounds, and smells. They are also the least likely to check for cars before crossing into the roadway.
  4. For those inevitable days when it rains, SLOW DOWN. Wet pavement is dangerous because it increases the amount of time you need to stop and it can negatively affect your vehicle’s handling ability. And while it may seem fun to drive through puddles, we recommend that you avoid those or decrease your speed as much as possible. Puddles, especially large ones, can lead to hydroplaning due to decreased tire traction.

Cambridge Classic Ford Sping Driving Tips

From all of us here at Cambridge Classic Ford: enjoy the nice weather, have fun, and be safe!

2013 Ford Escape Earns Top Safety Pick

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently named the 2013 Ford Escape a “Top Safety Pick”.   The redesigned model boasts several safety features that helped it earn the IIHS’ seal of approval.

The 2013 Escape earned top scores in each of the IIHS’s primary categories: frontal, side, and rear impact, as well as of the subcategories it was tested in.  Improving from the previous Escape, the 2013 earned an excellent strength-to-weight ratio of 5.03 in the IIHS roof strength test.

A slew of technological features have helped further increase safety in the 2013 Ford Escape.  Those features include: active park assist to aid in parallel parking, intelligent access with push-button start, BLIS (Blind-Spot Information System) with cross-traffic alert, and a hands-free liftgate.

The 2013 Ford Escape is also equipped with SYNC with MyFord Touch which allows the driver to control just about everything in the vehicle with just the sound of their voice.  From making phone calls and selecting music to controlling the climate of the vehicle, this Escape allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

2013 Ford Taurus and Explorer Earn U.S. Government’s Top Safety Rating

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced the 2013 Ford Taurus and Ford Explorer have earned a five-star Overall Vehicle Score in New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) testing.  These two vehicles have rated the highest for performance in frontal and side-impact crash tests, as well as resistance to rollover.

The 2013 Ford Taurus and Ford Explorer feature several active and passive restraint technologies, which include redesigned airbags and restraint system enhancements.  Each of these enhancements help drivers avoid potential crashes and all of these features played a part in their overall performance in the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) testing.

Both the 2013 Ford Taurus and Ford Explorer offer safety and driver assist technologies, including dual-stage driver and front passenger airbags, Safety Canopy® System, inflatable safety belts, AdvanceTrac® ESC (electronic stability control), forward collision warning with brake support, SOS Post-Crash Alert System™, Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) with cross-traffic alert, and MyKey®.  The 2013 Ford Explorer will also hold Ford’s first passenger-side knee airbag.

The 2013 Ford Taurus and Explorer are currently available here at Cambridge Classic Ford!

Ford Driving Skills for Life on the Price is Right

For the first time ever, teenagers ages 15-18, along with their parents, will play on The Price is Right.  The show will highlight to importance of safe driving and the teens will compete for the bonus prize of a Ford Driving Skills for Life event to be held at their high school. The showcase winner of the program will have Kate Voegele, spokesperson for Ford Driving Skills for Life and actress on “One Tree Hill”, perform live at their high school event.

Ford Driving Skills for Life is a program dedicated to teaching teens how to safely operate a vehicle.  Mile for mile, teen drivers are in three times as many fatal collisions as other drivers, and as the summer months begin, learning Ford Driving Skills for Life is especially beneficial.

“Many teens are driving more miles in the summer,” said Jim Graham, manager, Ford Driving Skills for Life. “Teens also drive with other teens in the vehicle, adding to the risk for these less experienced drivers.”

Ford Driving Skills for Life was developed by the Governors Highway Safety Association in 2003, and is recognized at the nation’s most comprehensive driving program.  The program features professional driving instructors, a web-based curriculum and free materials for students, parents and educators.