What songs would you put on this list of country songs about trucks?

Top Three Country Songs About Trucks

What songs would you put on this list of country songs about trucks?

What songs would you put on this list of country songs about trucks?

There are some things in this world that are essentially country. Cowboy boots qualify, for instance. Pickup trucks also count—and don’t take our word for it. Just look at how many country music crooners have sung an ode to the pickup truck! Here are our top three country songs about trucks.

Pickup Man by Joe Diffie

Joe Diffie had all sorts of hits on the country charts but this was his longest-running hit with “Pickup Man” having spent four weeks at number one. The song turns upon the double meaning of the word “pickup.” Not only does it reference a pickup truck, but also what the narrator is doing with his truck–picking up a date!

Something ‘Bout A Truck by Kip Moore

Kip Moore scored a number one hit with “Something ‘Bout A Truck”—his only number one to date. The song is a simple tune, with easy chords accompanied by lyrics that celebrate the simple-yet-wonderful things in life. Like trucks.

Truck Yeah by Tim McGraw

McGraw is country music royalty. His rock-solid reputation as a bone-fide country crooner is because of great songs like “Truck Yeah.” Taste Of Country hit the nail on the head when reviewing the single, saying that that wasn’t “intended to be the smartest song on the radio, but it might be the most fun.”

Tell us at Cambridge Classic Ford of Cambridge, OH your favorite country songs about trucks!

Enjoy a movie at the Lynn Auto Theatre.

Head to Lynn Auto Theatre and Enjoy an Old-School Drive-In Movie

Enjoy a movie at the Lynn Auto Theatre.

Enjoy a movie at the Lynn Auto Theatre.

There’s nothing quite like heading to the drive-in theater on a cool summer night. Sitting in the comfort of your vehicle, munching on candy and enjoying the fresh air while a blockbuster plays out on the giant outdoor screen

Though not as popular as they once were, drive-in movie theaters are luckily still around. Here in Cambridge, the closest theater is in Strasburg and is called the Lynn Auto Theatre.

This is Ohio’s oldest drive-in movie theater. Beginning operation in 1937, the theater has evolved over the years. The latest renovation allows for patrons to enjoy HD sound from their vehicle stereo. They also feature fully digital projection, making for an incredibly sharp picture. Not only does Lynn Auto Theatre have a complete concession stand, but it also has an arcade which makes it great for the whole family.

Pricing is set at $7 for adults and $3 for children aged 5 to 11.

The slogan at the Lynn Auto Theatre is “Come as you are in the family car” which highlights arguably the best thing about the drive-in–you don’t have to dress up!