4 Tips for Driving in the Snow

Winter can be a stressful time to drive here in Cambridge. There’s snow and ice; windows fog really easily; it gets dark early; and visibility tends to be pretty low—not to mention the sun is glaringly bright when there is snow on the ground. To make things a little easier, we at Cambridge Classic Ford have gathered four tips for driving in the snow. We hope these help!

  1. Know your car, especially the brakes: It’s always important that you are familiar with your car, but especially when conditions are bad. Specifically, take note of whether you have antilock brakes or not. AAA recommends threshold braking, regardless of brake types.
  2. Be careful on hills: If you’re approaching a hill, you’re going to want to have inertia on your side. Don’t try to power up it too quickly, but never stop going when you’re climbing a hill.
  3. Refrain from stopping: If you can keep from braking anywhere (not just on that hill we mentioned), please do so. It’s much more difficult to gain inertia from a standstill. Obviously, you must stop at all traffic stops.
  4. Take it slow: Ultimately, slowing everything down in extreme conditions is the best strategy to have. Accelerate, decelerate, turn, everything—slow and steady wins the race. And gets you home safe and sound.

Be careful out there!

Ford Begins Testing Clean Energy Systems in Ford Dealerships

Ford has spent some time over the past few years shifting its focus. While big, rugged trucks are still very much the backbone of the automaker, finding ways to reduce their cars’ and trucks’ impact on the environment has become a major priority. Now, Ford is taking green energy to their dealerships.

Ford has announced that a pilot program will install clean energy systems in Ford dealerships – four dealerships, to be exact. The systems will use solar and wind energy to power the entire dealership, including buildings, electric-car charging stations, and lot lighting.

The systems will be supplied by Wind Energy Corporation, and use a large “wind sail” to harvest energy, along with a 7-kilowatt solar array. The wind sales will feature the Ford logo and dealer’s name, which will serve as a unique form of advertising.

These “Windy Systems” are each expected to generate 20,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which is enough to power two homes for a year, or recharge the Focus Electric’s battery 870 times. Each system is expected to offset almost 14 tons of greenhouse-gas emissions each year.

The dealerships receiving the systems are electric-car certified Ford dealers who were selected based on their commitment to alternative energy use, along with their location’s ability to accommodate the system. Installations will begin next year, and will be completed by spring of 2015.

Here at Cambridge Classic Ford, we hope that these systems prove to be an ideal form of alternative energy for Ford dealerships, and that the automaker will soon expand this program to additional dealerships nationwide! If you are ready to make a difference, stop by today to learn more about our selection of electric and hybrid vehicles.

New Ford Mustangs on Display at SEMA

As usual, this year’s SEMA show, going on now, is a hotbed of performance car activity. Of course, the Ford Motor Company is right in the thick of that action, with a bevy of new Ford Mustangs on display right now at the show. Ford brought more than the usual amount of Mustangs, in fact; they’re using SEMA as just another way to celebrate 50 years of Mustang.

We’re not sure which one of the many Mustangs currently in Las Vegas is the coolest, but we know which one is the boss: the King Cobra Edition, with its muscular design and daunting red and black coloring. The King Cobra gets over 600 horsepower, so it’s no surprise it’s the big daddy at SEMA right now.

It’s definitely not the only Mustang worth checking out, though—and you don’t even have to go to SEMA to see them all. Just come visit us here at Cambridge Classic Ford to see the Corvettes currently in inventory and learn more about the 2015 Mustang as well. We’ll tell you all about the new options and features, like the 2.3L EcoBoost engine that makes the Mustang more powerful and efficient than ever before.

Ford Prepares Multiple Mustang SEMA Cars

Ford is going all out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its iconic Mustang pony car and the SEMA show will be no exception. The American carmaker recently announced that it would be bringing multiple Mustang SEMA cars to Las Vegas this year, showcasing the pony car’s many features. Over a dozen of these Mustangs are expected to arrive at SEMA in November, coming from aftermarket tuners like Galpin Auto Sports, Steeda, Roush, and more

While each aftermarket vehicle will offer its own unique take on the ‘Stang’s big 5-0 anniversary, Galpin will start things off with a bang—or should we say with gold? The Galpin Mustang model will be covered in the precious metal, using black paint with gold flecks in it and gold wheels, side sills, brake calipers, and badges. Below all this shiny paint, the Galpin model will also pack a whopping powerhouse engine with a 5.0-liter V8 partnered with a Whipple supercharged that churns out 725 horsepower.

For more information on the multiple Mustang SEMA cars, make sure you check back to Cambridge Classic Ford!