Ford Looks to Continue World Domination with Rejuvenated 2015 Focus

You’ve probably heard it said that if you’re not getting better, you’re automatically getting worse. Ford, the maker of the world’s best selling nameplate—the Ford Focus—obviously took that proverb to heart. The folks at the Blue Oval, not content to just stay the course, have managed to invent an even better Ford Focus for 2015.

The 2015 Focus sees improvements in every single aspect of its design, starting with the exterior. The car’s frame received some slight shifts, making it sleeker and more elegant, while also bringing the design closer to the rest of the Ford family. The interior has also been revamped, with improved storage and updated interior colors, appointments, and accents. Finally, the newest Ford Focus will feature a 1.0L EcoBoost, which once again raises the standard for fuel efficiency among small cars.

“We have taken the title of world’s best-selling nameplate to impressive new heights with the redesigned Focus,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford executive vice president and president of The Americas. “Its combination of compelling, modern design and the most high-tech interior in the class will appeal to contemporary consumers who desire a small car with very sophisticated features. What makes Focus so attractive to consumers today – being great to drive, delivering exceptional fuel economy and value, and offering leading-edge in-car technologies – is amplified with the new Focus.”

Chances are you already know how great the Ford Focus is—but you’ll still be amazed by just how much better Ford has made it for the 2015 model. So make sure to stop in to Cambridge Classic Ford later this year when the new Focus goes on sale.

Ford Adds Platinum Series Option to Expedition for 2015 Lineup

Revving up for the 2014 DFW Auto Show—which opened Wednesday and runs until February 23—Ford unveiled the newest edition of the Expedition, the company’s popular full-size utility vehicle, on Tuesday. The 2015 Expedition isn’t just a routine next-year model, though; Ford has added a new EcoBoost engine and more advanced technology features. Plus, the Expedition is joining the Platinum Series in 2015, offering an upgrade to high-class, premium interior materials and accents.

“This new Expedition is proof Ford is committed to remaining the leader in utilities – small, medium and large,” said Jackie DiMarco, Expedition chief engineer. “We listened to our customers and created a full-size utility vehicle that doesn’t compromise in performance, technology or design.”

The foremost and most central of the improvements made for the new 2015 Expedition is the next-generation EcoBoost engine—a 3.5L direct-injected twin-turbocharged baby that adds all kinds of value to the SUV. The new engine, smaller than the Expedition’s previous options, allows customers both more power and more torque while still delivering increased fuel economy.

Ford’s latest, greatest utility vehicle was created specifically to meet each and every possible demand a new car buyer could make. It’s a powerful, efficient, premium machine, and it’s on display now at the DFW Auto Show—before it shows up on display here in our showroom at Cambridge Classic Ford!

Ford “Focuses” on Safety for 2014 Model

The Ford Focus, which continues to hold the prestigious title of best-selling car in the world, just added even more accolades to its collection. For 2014, all models of the Focus—both the sedan and the hatchback, plus the Focus Electric—earned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s highest honors, the 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for safety. The Focus, which also earned the 5-Star rating last year, has thus established itself as one of the safest and smartest small cars on the market.

For the 2014 model year, the Focus takes advantage of Ford’s AdvanceTrac electronic stability control and anti-lock brake system, which comes standard on all models. AdvanceTrac technology keeps track of both the ever-changing road conditions and your reactions to those conditions to enhance your car’s reaction time and stability out there on the roads. The Focus also comes equipped with front and side air bags, specially designed to cushion drivers and passengers alike in the event of a crash.

When you add the Focus’s high safety rating to its sporty look, roomy interior, and its unbelievable gas mileage—up to an EPA-estimated 40 mpg highway—it becomes hard to think of a reason not to consider the Focus as the frontrunner to be your next car. After all, it’s the world’s best-selling nameplate—everyone else is doing it! So swing by Cambridge Classic Ford today to check out the globe’s most popular car!

Ford Recruits MIT and Stanford to Help Develop Self-Driving Cars

Ford has begun a new partnership with Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to help advance its research into autonomous driving systems. Without question, the hardest aspect of developing a self-driving car is accounting for all of the other cars on the road. Making a car drive around empty streets and highways is easy enough, and has already been achieved to a degree, but when human behavior is brought into the equation, the number of possible scenarios to read and react to become almost infinite.

To find out more, Ford has teamed up with Stanford and MIT research teams, both of whom will be helping the American automaker to look into and develop solutions to some of the technical challenges related to automated driving.

While MIT focuses on scenario planning to predict the actions of other vehicles and pedestrians, Stanford will be exploring how vehicles could maneuver to allow their sensors to look around obstructions. There’s still a long way to go before automated vehicles become a viable form of transportation, but with Ford and two of the nation’s top universities on the case, the future might arrive sooner than we expect!

For now, visit Cambridge Classic Ford to check out the best of today’s non-autonomous cars!