Prom Car Safety

Prom season is here and with that comes a multitude of teen drivers out on the road when they might otherwise not be. According to national statistics from the CDC, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are three times more likely to be in a fatal crash than drivers ages 20 and older.

During prom season, there are increased emotions and distractions in the air. These translate directly to drivers behind the wheel. Most crashes are caused by driver error, speeding, and distractions; all of which are preventable.

Take the advice of the staff here at Cambridge Classic Ford when it comes to prom and being behind the wheel.

  • If at all possible, go with a group and pitch in to rent a limo for the night. This keeps an experienced driver behind the wheel and gives you the freedom to concentrate on taking pictures and having fun.
  • If renting is too expensive, ask a family member to drive you around. As long as they are there at the appointed pick up and drop off times, you’ll have one less thing to worry about for the night.
  • If you are going to be driving, do a safe driving inspection prior to prom night. Bring it in to the service center at Cambridge Classic Ford and we can take care of it for you.
  • Limit the number of passengers in your vehicle, even if it’s a limo. Everyone needs to have a seat belt.
  • Buckle up! You may not want to chance the wrinkles, but it will save your life.
  • Be on time. That will keep you or your driver from speeding to your destination.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, both on the road and off.
  • Always have a back-up plan. In case you get a flat tire or break a heel, you need to have someone you can call in the event of either emergency.

Fun in the ‘50s Friday

We’ve all heard of ‘Way-back Wednesday’ and ‘Throwback Thursday’. Well today is ‘Fun in the ‘50s Friday’ at Cambridge Classic Ford. Today seems like a good time to reminisce about the good ‘ole days. To really take some time to concentrate on something positive that reminds us of a great moment in history.

Back in 1959, the Ford motor company celebrated a huge milestone in automotive history. That was the year Ford produced its 50-millionth vehicle. This milestone car was the 1959 Ford Galaxie.

The Galaxie was a 2-door convertible-coupe with a spark-ignition, 4-stroke engine. Ford rushed to make changes to the 1959 Galaxie because a new Chevrolet was come out soon. With a bigger, brighter, blockier look, the 1959 Galaxie beat out its competition to end up winning a Gold Medal for exceptional styling at the 1959 Brussels World Fair.

Not only was Ford’s 50-millionth vehicle off the line a 1959 Galaxie, but it was also an award winning model. Sadly, the Galaxie is no longer made, having ended its run with the 1974 model. Thankfully the dominance of the Ford Motor Company continues to this day.

Just as Ford continues to develop classic American cars, Cambridge Classic Ford is committed to continuing to develop our relationship with our neighbors. We invite you to come down to the dealership so you can have a classic Ford experience and say hello to your neighbors.

Rough, Tough, and Ready – the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport

Let’s face it, not every outing you make in your car is going to be an easy one. In fact, you’re likely to encounter more bumps in the road than smooth stretches of blacktop. And don’t forget to take into account the road trips. Whether you are traveling with family or friends, we know that you’re going to have a full car and even the best route may take you through rocky terrain.

That’s why you, as a driver, need to be prepared for anything the road can throw at you. It also helps to have a vehicle that offers a comfortable ride for everyone. To this end, Cambridge Classic Ford recommends a SUV that has been tested both on and off the road: the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport.

13ExplorerSport_03 (2)

There is plenty of space for all of your passengers and your luggage. With the amount of digital devices that we all carry, Ford was wise enough to place an assortment of outlets in the 2013 Explorer Sport to keep everyone charged throughout your travels. The all-wheel drive and twin-turbo 3.5L V6 engine make for a smooth, but super charged ride.

If you’re looking for an athletic SUV with an aggressive wheel/tire package that can go 0-60 mph in seven seconds, then look no further. Come in to Cambridge Classic Ford and pick out your 2013 Ford Explorer Sport today. Make sure you have your first trip planned and ready to go because this isn’t an SUV that’s meant to sit around in the garage all day.

Spring Driving Tips

It seems like spring may finally arrive this weekend! That means everyone will be getting out on the road and really letting loose for the first time this season. We’re sure that for many of you that will mean rolling the windows down and going for a cruise with the radio blasting. While we’re all for having fun and feeling the wind blow through your hair, we would like to offer a little cautionary advice.

  1. Beware of the potholes! After the winter treatments applied to the roadways and the plow trucks being out and about, there are sure to be a few new potholes popping up. So keep your eyes open.
  2. Drivers are not the only ones who are excited to experience the spring weather properly for the first time. Our children and those of our friends, relatives, and neighbors are eager to be out in the sun as well. Make sure you look both ways.
  3. Don’t forget to look out for animals too. Animals are likely to be outside a lot more exploring the fresh sights, sounds, and smells. They are also the least likely to check for cars before crossing into the roadway.
  4. For those inevitable days when it rains, SLOW DOWN. Wet pavement is dangerous because it increases the amount of time you need to stop and it can negatively affect your vehicle’s handling ability. And while it may seem fun to drive through puddles, we recommend that you avoid those or decrease your speed as much as possible. Puddles, especially large ones, can lead to hydroplaning due to decreased tire traction.

Cambridge Classic Ford Sping Driving Tips

From all of us here at Cambridge Classic Ford: enjoy the nice weather, have fun, and be safe!