Cambridge Classic Ford presents Ford Trivia

It’s likely that many of you know quite a bit about Ford, but I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of interesting facts that you may not know. That’s why today, Cambridge Classic Ford is bringing you a few very interesting but possibly little-known facts about the greatest auto company out there. So here we go! Did you know:

  • At the Detroit Driving Club’s one-mile oval track, Henry Ford raced only once. He beat Alexander Winton.
  • It originally took 14 hours to assemble the Model T.
  • Henry also developed charcoal briquets. He took wood scraps from the factory to make them, developing the charcoal under the name Kingsford.
  • Norman Rockwell created the commemorative art for Ford’s 50th anniversary.
  • Ford’s Lincoln Futura concept vehicle was modified to create the Batmobile.
  • In 1985, the Ford Taurus went on sale for the first time.
  • Henry Ford’s first auto company was named the Detroit Automobile Company.
  • The GT-40 won the 24-Hours of Le Mans four times in a row.
  • The F-150 has been the top-selling truck in America for 35 years.

Hopefully you got some new knowledge out of this post. Next time you’re talking to someone, drop one of these tidbits into your conversation – you’ll be sure to impress someone!

Ford F-150

Ford Shifts its Attention to Making the F-150 Greener

When Ford showed off its new Atlas Concept at the NAIAS in Detroit, it became apparent that Ford envisioned the future of the heavy-duty pickup truck as strong, but efficient. Some of these technologies include things like active grille shutters, active wheel shutters, a drop-down air dam, and power running boards – which, combined, can save a lot more fuel than conventional vehicles.

What would you think about having a hybrid F-150? An F-150 running on both gas and electricity definitely would be something new and interesting to try out. That’s not the only possibility though, as Ford could also change the materials with which they build their trucks. Possibilities include such advanced, weight-saving materials as high-strength steel, boron steel, aluminum, and even magnesium. We could also likely see carbon fiber become more common.

No matter what path Ford decides to set out on with its popular F-150 series, it’s sure to be an innovative and exciting one. Until they release solid details, our job is to cling onto any rumors that come our way.

Don’t Neglect Your Ride! Keep Up With Routine Car Maintenance

Many people forget just how important routine car maintenance is to keeping your car working for you long after others quit.  It’s necessary to keep up with replacing worn out parts or fluids to keep your vehicle running smooth, just like you get doctor or dentist checkups every now and then.

Some common things to check include:

  • Oil change and oil filter change
  • Brake inspection and service
  • Detailing interior and exterior
  • Washing
  • Battery checks and replacements

Coupons for these services are available on the Cambridge Classic Ford website at! Make sure you check that your car is running at top-notch performance. When could be a better time to get a fresh start for your car than the beginning of the year?

In 2012, Ford Was the Only Brand to Top 2 Million Sales in the U.S.

Good news for Ford Motor Company, as it sold around 2.2 million U.S. vehicles in 2012, and is the only brand to sell over 2 million in the U.S. since 2007. That’s pretty impressive considering the recent slow periods the automotive industry has seen in the past few years. Whatever it takes to continue being massively successful, Ford dealers like Cambridge Classic Ford have it figured out.

It’s not just the dealers’ doing though. It takes all of the customers to make the company as successful as it is. So congratulations to all of you out there who made the choice to buy into a strong brand that understands quality. Looking at the numbers over the past five or so years, Ford is going to be the industry leader for a long time to come. Here’s to many more wildly successful years for Ford Motor Company!


Ford Motor Company

2013 Ford Fusion Energi is America’s Most Fuel-Efficient Sedan

2013 Ford Fusion EnergiThe 2013 Ford Fusion Energi is not just any hybrid plug-in vehicle, it’s the most fuel-efficient. Earlier in 2012 at the Detroit Auto Show, the Fusion was expected to reach around 100 miles per gallon equivalent. As it turns out, just a few days ago Ford announced that the official rating from the Environmental Protection Agency is higher than that – 108 miles per gallon equivalent in the city. The Fusion Energi reaches 92 MPGe on the highway, which comes out to 100 MPGe combined.

The Fusion Hybrid isn’t going easy on the competition, as it is bringing quite a bit to the table:

  • 1.6L or 2.0L EcoBoost in-line four-cylinder engine in combination with an electric motor
  • Auto Start-Stop shuts the engine off when the car stops, seamlessly restarts when brake is released
  • Interior made with 100% recyclable materials
  • Regenerative braking to reclaim kinetic energy to store in the battery
  • Intelligent AWD balances torque between front and rear wheels to maximize traction
  • SmartGauge and EcoGuide Cluster allows you to track your efficiency as vines and leaves grow on dual LCD screens next to the steering wheel

Keep an eye out for the new 2013 Ford Fusion Energi, because it’ll be here before you know it.