Ford Introduces the Future of Driving

Over the last few years, Ford has introduced some pretty impressive technology, including Active Park Assist and adaptive cruise control. Now Ford is previewing several new driving technologies that will make their cars safer and even more driver-friendly.

In 2010, Ford launched Active Park Assist, which helps drivers parallel-park their cars through ultrasonic sensors that measure a parking spot’s length and width to ensure the car will fit.  The technology then uses the sensors to turn the car’s steering wheel to perfectly guide it into the spot.  Ford also offers adaptive cruise control, which works as a typical cruise control, but uses sensors on the front of the car to maintain a set distance between itself and the car in front of it.

Now, Ford is building off of these technologies and is well on its way to creating a self-driving car.  The first technology the automaker has previewed is a new Active Park Assist system that will automatically perpendicular-park itself at the push of a button.  This new system will also beep when it has found the perfect sized parking space.

Even further into the future, Ford plans to reveal a Traffic Jam Assist, which will serve as an autopilot when a driver is in traffic.  This system would take over control of the steering, brakes, and throttle to keep the car in its lane and gently speed up or slow down depending on the traffic.  The automaker predicts that this technology will be available in 2017 at the earliest.

While these technologies are not available today, Ford’s look into the future certainly shows the exciting direction the automaker is heading in!

Save Money on Insurance with Ford SYNC

Drivers of Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with the SYNC connectivity system may soon be able to save money on their insurance if they are insured through State Farm.

Since its creation, the SYNC system has provided drivers with unparalleled connectivity to their vehicle.  Drivers could make phone calls, select music from a variety of connected devices and control the climate of the vehicle with just the sound of their voice.  Now that same system can dramatically cut the cost of insurance premiums.

By utilizing the Vehicle Health Report feature in SYNC, State Farm is able to track how much someone is driving and adjust their insurance rates accordingly.  The program, known as State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program, automatically saves drivers five percent on their insurance premiums for enrolling, but the savings can be even larger.

Customers who drive less than 12,000 miles per year can save even more, and the rates continue to decrease as the miles decrease.  Someone who drives fewer than 1,000 miles annually can save as much as 40 percent on insurance costs.

The Drive Safe & Save program will launch in Utah later this year before becoming available in other states.

KBB Names the Mustang One of the Best Convertibles for a Road Trip

Summer is here, which means it’s time to drop the top on your convertible and enjoy the warm, sunny weather. To help car enthusiasts get the most enjoyable summer rides, Kelley Blue Book’s has released a list of the 10 Best Road Trip Convertibles, and the Ford Mustang has made the list.

According to the experts, the convertible top gives the Mustang a lot of flexibility, from a trip to the beach to utilizing the muscle car’s horsepower, which starts out at 305-hp for the base model and tops out at 600-hp on the Shelby V8, along a drag strip.

To get your hands on a Mustang convertible this summer, stop by Cambridge Classic Ford!

Ford Driving Skills for Life on the Price is Right

For the first time ever, teenagers ages 15-18, along with their parents, will play on The Price is Right.  The show will highlight to importance of safe driving and the teens will compete for the bonus prize of a Ford Driving Skills for Life event to be held at their high school. The showcase winner of the program will have Kate Voegele, spokesperson for Ford Driving Skills for Life and actress on “One Tree Hill”, perform live at their high school event.

Ford Driving Skills for Life is a program dedicated to teaching teens how to safely operate a vehicle.  Mile for mile, teen drivers are in three times as many fatal collisions as other drivers, and as the summer months begin, learning Ford Driving Skills for Life is especially beneficial.

“Many teens are driving more miles in the summer,” said Jim Graham, manager, Ford Driving Skills for Life. “Teens also drive with other teens in the vehicle, adding to the risk for these less experienced drivers.”

Ford Driving Skills for Life was developed by the Governors Highway Safety Association in 2003, and is recognized at the nation’s most comprehensive driving program.  The program features professional driving instructors, a web-based curriculum and free materials for students, parents and educators.