2012 Ford Focus Named One of the Top Cars for College Grads

With college graduation upon us, many new grads will be venturing into the new car market. To help these students, and possibly their parents, make a wise decision on a car that is stylish and fits their needs, but is also affordable, Total Car Score has released a list of the top cars for college grads. The 2012 Focus has made the list.

Total Car Score is a car comparison website and comprehensive auto rating system that assigns a Total Car Score (TCS) to every vehicle in the market based on car reviews from all major automotive authorities.  According to Editor-in-chief Karl Brauer, “College grads are looking to make an investment in a car that is reliable and cost conscious.” Therefore, the list of the top cars for college grads is comprised of the top-rated cars that offer the best quality while also being very affordable, meaning the MSRP starts at under $25,000.

The Ford Focus earned a spot on the list for its controlled ride, excellent steering, sporty handling, and impressive fuel economy.  In total, the 2012 Focus earns a TCS of 82.01 and starts as low as $16,500.  According to Total Car Score, “With the 2012 Focus, Ford shows that small cars don’t have to feel so banal, with charismatic compacts that are more satisfying to drive, more luxurious, and better equipped.”

To make the Focus an even better deal for 2012 graduates, Ford offers special savings to college students and recent grads through the College Student Purchase Program!

The 2013 Ford Fusion Wins the 2012 Gene Ritvo Award for Design and Elegance

The 2013 Ford Fusion was recently named the winner of the 2012 Gene Ritvo Award for Design and Elegance.  The award, commonly known as the Ritvo, honors the best in design in the automotive world, and the 2013 Ford Fusion stood out for its innovative style and elegance.

All entries were judged by design experts from the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, in conjunction with the New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA). “When reviewing all the entries for the Design and Elegance Award,” said Meghan Melvin of the Museum of Fine Arts, “we appreciated the simplicity of line of the Fusion’s detailing, the subtle shaping of the hood and the distinctive front composition of the vehicle.”

The award is named after Gene Ritvo who died in 2009.  Ritvo was a devoted member of the NEMPA and had a keen eye for automotive photography.  “Gene would have been pleased to see a car like the Ford Fusion win this award,” said Keith Griffin, NEMPA president. “It’s an elegant vehicle that is a true head turner. At the same time, it’s practical transportation.”

20-Minute EV Charger to Become Standard in US and Abroad

Many people love the idea of an electric vehicle, but worry about its practicality when it comes to charging. To help combat this fear, several U.S. and German automakers have agreed to share a common EV charger, which will re-charge a car in just 20 minutes.

Ford, GM, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, and Volkswagen are all part of the conglomerate of automakers who are contributing to the research on the proposed charger.  Engineers from each company have developed this new technology, which combines one-phase AC-charging, fast three-phase AC-charging, DC-charging, and ultra-fast DC-charging to cut the charge time for most electric vehicles from hours down to as little as 20 minutes. The DC-fast charging with a Combined Charging System will be on display at the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26) May 6-9.

The Society of International Engineers has chosen to make this new charging method its standard and the European association of vehicle manufacturers has endorsed the technology, meaning that it will be the charging interface for new EVs beginning in 2017.  According to Chrysler, “Industry-wide adoption of this system will only enhance the image of EVs and lead to greater consumer acceptance.”

The Combined Charging System is expected to be available by the end of the year, and vehicles compatible with the technology should start rolling out in 2013.

Two Ford Trucks Earn Honors as AOL’s Best Trucks in America

Last month, AOL ranked the best trucks in the country and named the Ford SVT Raptor SuperCab 6.2L and the F-150 XLT SuperCab 3.5L EcoBoost as two of their top five.  Beating out over 100 other trucks, these two workhorses have proven their value to customers and reviewers alike.

With the move from a 5.4L to a 6.2L engine, the SVT Raptor SuperCab was absolutely built to leave the comfort of the paved road.  Sporting a fully boxed ladder frame and specially designed BF-Goodrich All-Terrain tires, this truck feels right at home in the rocks, mud, and just about any other situation in which it finds itself.

Also pushing the Raptor to the front of the pack is the knob that allows drivers to effortlessly switch from 2-Wheel-Drive to 4-Wheel-Drive, along with the control that engages the special Off-Road Mode.  This exciting feature locks the rear end and changes the throttle and transmission shift maps, along with the ABS Brakes, standard stability threshold, and traction to optimize performance after the beaten path is long behind.

Topping the list to take home the honor of AOL’s Best Pickup in America, the F-150 XLT SuperCab 3.5L EcoBoost continues Ford’s stellar tradition of powerful and dependable trucks.  Praise for the EcoBoost shone throughout the review, as it supplies the extra “get-up-and-go” that drivers crave while maintaining an economically-minded 22 Highway MPG.

The F-150’s 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine’s value doesn’t just stop when the pavement ends, though.  The twin-turbo, direct-injected V6 delivers an astounding 365 HP with 420 Foot-Pounds of torque, making its output more similar to Ford’s 8-Cylinder engines than its V6 counterparts.  This extra boost in power makes towing or hauling a breeze for even the most demanding job.

Grabbing two of the five spots on AOL’s list, Ford has once more shown its commitment to excellence and dependability.