Ford GT Carbon Supercar Revs Up Detroit Auto Show

While the new Ford F-150 has dominated the Blue Oval’s headlines for many months now, Ford still managed to put out another equally impressive performance car at the North American International Auto Show this year—the Ford GT Carbon Fiber Supercar. This Ford GT supercar is one of twelve new performance vehicles the brand promised us by 2020—and if this is the standard, we’re excited to see the rest of those cars, for sure.

The Ford GT gets its power from its EcoBoost engine. Ford has begun implementing EcoBoost technology in basically every one of their vehicles, and this engine, a twin-turbocharged V6, is the most powerful EcoBoost offering yet. In fact, it will get over 600 horsepower. That engine is mid-mounted, and the car also features rear-wheel-drive and a beautiful carbon fiber design.

Ford GT Carbon

What’s more, the GT also received the EyesOn Design Prize for Best Production Vehicle at NAIAS. The award is given to the best production and concept vehicles making their global debuts in Detroit.

“Ford and its employees are honored to receive this recognition,” said Moray Callum, Ford Motor Company vice president, Design. “The great thing about the all-new Ford GT is that we were able to maintain the essence of the original GT40, while making it into a 21st century car. The GT’s cutting-edge technology and engineering demonstrate Ford’s commitment to performance and innovation in every aspect of our business.”

We’re certainly proud of the Ford GT Carbon Supercar here at Cambridge Classic Ford, but we’d be even more proud to see you behind the wheel of one. So come see us today to learn more about the supercar that shocked Detroit—and to get more information on all the Ford performance cars coming this decade.

Ford Concept Hints at Company’s Future

Ford has always been an innovator when it comes to performance vehicles, and it doesn’t look like the American carmaker will be stopping this tradition anytime soon. Known for its top of the line EcoBoost performance, Ford has decided to combine this technology with the new Ford GT Carbon Fiber Concept to create a GT model that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

“As we at Ford drive innovation into every part of our business, it’s worth remembering that our first innovation as a company was not in a laboratory, but on the racetrack,” said Mark Fields, Ford president and chief executive officer, referring to Henry Ford’s win of a 1901 car race that inspired financial backers to invest in his company. “We are passionate about innovation through performance and creating vehicles that make peoples heart’s pound.”

The all-new GT supercar features the most powerful EcoBoost production engine ever, featuring a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 that churns out more than 600 horsepower. Combined with the car’s lightweight, carbon-fiber body, this high-performance car is Ford’s most extreme offering.

Ford will begin producing the Ford GT Carbon Fiber Concept in 2016. Until then, stop in to Cambridge Classic Ford today and see what other high-performance options we have to offer!

Ford and Radio Disney Join Forces for Family Fun

Families will soon be able to enjoy listening to their favorite Disney content in the car. Ford and Radio Disney will now work together and Ford drivers will be able to stream the Radio Disney app via the Ford SYNC AppLink.

“While there are many music-streaming apps currently compatible with AppLink, Radio Disney is the first family-oriented music app,” said Julius Marchwicki, Ford Connected Services Product manager, in a statement. “Drivers will be able to keep the entire family entertained while keeping their eyes on the road and their hands on the steering wheel.”

2014 Escape Interior - Radio DisneyFord is the first automaker to integrate Radio Disney into its in-car infotainment system. All a driver has to do is sync his or her smartphone to the Ford SYNC system and then the touchscreen will display the Radio Disney musical selection along with play and pause buttons.

Radio Disney features 24 hours a day of family-friendly music devoted to kids and tweens. You can also listen to artist interviews and live performances. Nearly 21 million listeners tune in each week.

If your backseat riders are itching to listen to Radio Disney in the car, it will be available for Ford SYNC AppLink early this year.

Former Mustang Chief To Head New Ford Performance Division

2015 Mustang interior - ford performance divisionThese are truly exciting times in the Ford camp. Big news! The automaker responsible for the first aluminum full-size truck and America’s finest sports car has just announced that it is creating a performance division. The goal? “Bring better and more products to market quicker,” says Dave Pericak, former Mustang Chief Engineer. He is now head of the nascent Ford Performance Division.

A more specific goal for this division is to bring 12 new models to light by the year 2020. One of these models will definitely be the Ford Focus RS, what Fox News calls “an extreme version of the Focus compact.”

We here at Cambridge Classic Ford are glad to learn that we won’t have to wait long to see the fruits of Ford’s labors. Pericak hinted that Ford may display some projects he and his team have been working on at the New York International Auto Show in January.

Learn More about Your Mustang with the New 2015 Mustang App

Are there buttons in your car that you’ve never used, but wondered what they’re for? If so, you can always dig out your owner’s manual and attempt to find the right page, or if you drive a 2015 Ford Mustang, let your smartphone do all the work.

Ford has announced a new 2015 Mustang app specifically for the all-new 2015 Mustang. In addition to trivia games, wallpapers, and ringtones, the app includes a feature that lets owners scan certain parts of the Mustang to learn more about certain features. You can even search for content to find exactly what you’re looking for.

“When it comes to new technology on Mustang, we focus on providing features the driver wants, and improving the driver’s experience behind the wheel,” said Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer, in a statement. “Making key pieces of owner’s guide information available through the app is just one more great feature we’ve delivered to our customers.”

And, if you’re lucky enough to own one of the 50 Years Limited Edition Ford Mustangs, you’ll have access to password protected exclusive content, including classic Mustang videos, various milestones in the Mustang’s 50-year history, and key design features that make the special edition unique.

The 2015 Ford Mustang app is available to download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Just search for the “2015 Ford Mustang app.”

Will you be downloading this new app to complement your new Mustang?

Ford’s Autonomous Features Keep Safety in Mind

The future of cars is in the works with the many announcements for predicted deadlines for automatic and semi-automatic drive modes for drivers and truckers alike. These innovations are just steps away from The Jetsons, but they do bring about some concerns. These concerns are ones Ford has been keeping in mind.

Even with autonomous cars in the works, the Ford model is still focused on the driver. The driving systems are there to help the driver but much like the traditional cruise control, drivers still need to be alert and ready to react.

The introduction of Ford’s autonomous features is on the move, but it will take time for all of the aspects to be implemented. For the sake of a safety, Ford’s putting in new automatic features one at a time so each one can be integrated safely. Things like automatic parallel parking and lane assist are enough for now as more features are planned for future models while these systems are perfected and normalized in Ford vehicles.

Classic Cambridge Ford is glad to see that Ford isn’t rushing into the luxurious notion of autonomous vehicles all willy nilly. It’s the interest in safety first over exciting innovations that make Ford a company worth supporting. For more information on the assistant features Ford does have implemented into its new vehicles, feel free to give us a call or visit us with your questions!

Ford Changes Light Bulbs, Installs New LED Lights

Before the end of the year, Ford will spend over $25 million to install new LED lights in its manufacturing facilities across the world. However, the savings far outweigh the cost.

When the 25,000 LED lights replace the traditional bulbs being used, Ford will be able to conserve energy equivalent to the amount used to power more than 6,000 average-sized homes every year. On top of that, the new lights will require less maintenance as they are expected to last for 15 years.

These efforts are part of Ford’s plan, which began in 2011, to decrease its energy use in vehicle production by 25 percent per vehicle by the year 2016.

Cambridge Classic Ford Logo“We are extremely pleased to install this leading-edge technology in our manufacturing facilities worldwide,” said John Fleming, Ford’s executive vice president of Global Manufacturing and Labor Affairs. “This is a long term investment in our future that highlights our aggressive approach to lead in environmental improvements and achieve operating efficiencies.”

Since Ford’s savings in energy costs are expected to add up to $7 million each year, maybe we can ask the company to pay the energy bill for 6,000 average-sized homes around the world. Yea, you’re right – highly unlikely; but we at Cambridge Classic Ford will gladly take the savings gained in reducing the cost of building our favorite vehicles.

Ford Models Get a New Assistant: the Apple Siri System

Most of us have always talked to our cars, and if you haven’t, you might be motivated to start now. Ford announced that the Apple Siri System will be made available in some new models. We’re glad to hear it at Cambridge Classic Ford, because let’s face it – who doesn’t enjoy a little conversation?

Ford is pairing with Automatic Labs in order to make every Ford model a little safer and a little smarter. AutomotiveNews said Ford vehicles can already make calls and get directions with SYNC AppLink, but the Apple Siri System will allow drives to use the Press-To-Talk button technology. It also allows access to IFTTT Web Service to track driving expenses, trip details, and even features like turning on house lights when drivers arrive home.

Jim Buczkowski, Ford’s director of electrical and electronic systems said, “Ford believes that voice control is important to a safer and smarter mobility experience. This enables us to provide additional voice-controlled features like Siri for iPhone users — Ford drivers can now access Siri while keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.”

To check out a Ford car, truck, or SUV that will have access to the Apple Siri System, come down to Cambridge Classic Ford. These models include many of the 2011-2015 Explorers, F-Series trucks, the Ford Flex, Taurus, and F-150, among others.

2014 Ford C-Max Energi Could be Ford’s Most Technologically Advanced Vehicle

From the outside, the 2014 Ford C-Max Energi may at first appear to be just another oversized hybrid-electric vehicle, but it’s what you can’t see that makes the C-Max Energi truly impressive. What the C-Max Energi may lack in high-end elegance, it more than makes up for in fuel conservation and packing space – and could very well be the most advanced vehicle Ford has ever put into showrooms.

According to, Ford offers two versions of the C-Max – a normal hybrid that achieves an impressive 42 mpg city and 37 mpg highway, and the plug-in version, which travels 19 miles on pure electric energy and achieves a total range of 550 miles.

The technologically advanced car features a lithium-ion battery pack which can be charged in just seven hours from a regular outlet, and just 2.5 hours with the optional 240-volt charger. Up front, a 2.0-liter gasoline-powered engine drives the front wheels through a continuously variable transmission. The system uses regenerative braking, electric heating, and a sophisticated control module to conserve (and use) extra energy.

The exterior was designed for maximum efficiency and features aerodynamic curves and smooth surfaces for enhanced airflow. Inside, leather seats, and audio and navigation controls feature an appealing and practical design, while the SmartGuage helps drivers learn what kind of driving will get the most out of their regenerative braking technology.

The 60/40 rear seats fully compensate for any space lost by the battery pack in the cargo area. Additional technologies include a semi-automatic parallel parking system and a hands-free trunk that opens by waving your foot over a sensor under the bumper.

The 2014 Ford C-Max Energi really is the whole package. From interior convenience and connectivity features to a state-of-the-are powertrain that will save you serious dough at the pump, the C-Max offers it all.

Stop by Cambridge Classic Ford to put a C-Max Energi to the ultimate test.

Ford Green Zone System Aims to Make Efficient Driving More Intelligent

No one can argue that plug in hybrids like the Ford Fusion are incredibly efficient cars. But, what if we told you that these cars aren’t operating at their full potential when it comes to fuel conservation? Plug-in hybrids run on an electric charge until they run out, then operate on its gas engine once the battery is depleted. In reality, it would be ideal if cars could run on electric mode in certain situations (like at lower speeds), and a car that can intelligently switch between modes based on driving conditions would save even more gas.

Vehicle batteries are more efficient when operating at slower speeds, in addition, commuters may choose to save their battery power for certain areas in their commute. In London, for example, motorists driving on battery power are exempted from the costly inner city commuter fee.

In an effort to make this kind of intelligent driving a reality, Ford has introduced its Ford Green Zone system. In its preliminary form, the driver would visit a website (or use the navigation screen), and designate on a map where the vehicle should automatically go into electric mode, if it’s able.

The system would also automatically factor in traffic conditions, the grade of the roadway, and driver behavior to determine when it’s most efficient to use battery power versus gas power.

“We’re looking at ways to make driving more efficient, intelligent and safer,” explains Joel Brush, a global account director with Here, a subsidiary of technology giant Nokia, which is providing the underlying mapping information for the Ford Green Zone system.

This kind of technology would not only benefit plug-in hybrids, but also conventional vehicles. Nokia’s mapping data is so precise that it can know when a car is approaching a hill or entering a turn, which could be used to direct headlights or change gears.

While Ford is still several years away from offering Ford Green Zone in dealerships, the automaker is confident that it will eventually offer the technology in at least some of its cars.

We look forward to Ford Green Zone making its way into our favorite cars, but until then, stop by Cambridge Classic Ford to check out our selection of hybrid cars.