Ford Augmented Reality

Ford Augmented Reality Is Like X-Ray Vision

Ford Augmented Reality

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According to Ford, the augmented-reality system can be thought of as x-ray vision, though it doesn’t use x-rays to function. Essentially, it lets you see beneath the surface of Ford vehicles, looking at suspension components, the frame, engine, and more. It’s an entirely new way to shop for a car, an especially appealing feature for the tech-minded.

“Think of augmented reality as the blending of virtual reality with real life,” says Garett Carr, Ford global auto shows manager. “It’s like having x-ray vision, with the power to take people deeper into our product and technology stories – it feels a little like magic.”

Other cool cars revealed at the show include the latest F-150, Ford Performance, and EcoSport to optimize power and fuel economy, as well as a self-driving Fusion. When placed alongside the new augmented-reality system, Ford is demonstrating its innovative ideas for the next few years.

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Shelby GT350R-C Race Car Picks Up Third Consecutive Win

Win again for the Shelby GT350R-C

Win again for the Shelby GT350R-C

Ford has roots in American motorsports, and with vehicles like the Mustang under its brand, it’s no wonder the company’s reputation has pervaded across modern race tracks to this day. Ford’s Shelby GT350R-C race car recently picked up its third win in a row this past August, thanks to co-drivers Billy Johnson and Scott Maxwell. The win was expected; though it’s the Shelby’s third win, this marks the fourth time the co-driver team has taken the winner’s title together.

Initially, it looked as if the Shelby GT350R-C had fallen behind and would have to settle for second place. However, tides turned during a heart-stopping final lap in which the leader ran out of fuel and Johnson, hot on his trail, pulled ahead for the win.

Johnson went on to praise his vehicle after the race, stating, “The Ford Shelby GT350R-C is just a fantastic car. I love driving it. Both Scott and I worked on the development on the street and race car and we’re both very privileged to be racing it.”

One of the Shelby GT350R-C race car’s key points was its long-lasting fuel tank. Johnson confessed he became nervous as other contenders began to run out of fuel on the track and had to stop, but the Shelby persevered and earned him his first career win on Road America.

New F-150 Raptor is Toughest Truck Yet

The new F-150 Raptor is ready for anything!

The new F-150 Raptor is ready for anything!

The realm of high-performance, off-roading pickup trucks is an interesting one. Only a small niche of enthusiasts goes adventuring off the beaten path in their trucks, but they’re a vocal group with a lot of passion for their hobby. Ford has upped the ante in the segment by introducing the new F-150 Raptor. This latest iteration of the Raptor is lauded as being the toughest, smartest, and most capable of its name, featuring tons of modifications made just to appeal to the off-roading market and optimize the Raptor’s potential.

Ford has been dropping new info on the F-150 Raptor every few months, revealing different parts and features of the tough truck to show off just how much effort went into designing it. With custom shock absorbers made just for the truck’s release, all-new BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, and the ability to switch between six different terrain modes, the Raptor was conceived and designed with the sort of love and passion you need in order to succeed in the world of performance trucks.

So will you be picking up the new F-150 Raptor? Whether you want to tear through sand dunes Baja-style, screech around winding mountain passes, or even crawl over rocky terrain, the Raptor has your back with its full range of capable features.

The Ford Edge won Utility Vehicle of the Year!

Edge Earns 2016 Reader’s Choice Utility Vehicle of the Year Award

The Ford Edge won Utility Vehicle of the Year!

The Ford Edge won Utility Vehicle of the Year!

The Ford Explorer, is getting a lot of attention due to its 2017 version being showcased at the LA Auto Show, and the Ford Edge just won the 2016 Reader’s Choice Utility Vehicle of the Year award from

The 2015 Ford Edge comes with an entirely new exterior design and it also provides the choice of three capable engines. In addition, the 2015 Edge offers seating for up to five passengers and also comes with 39.2 cubic feet of cargo space, and that’s with the rear seat up! When the rear seat is folded down, the 2015 Ford Edge provides an impressive 73.4 cubic feet of storage capacity.

In order to win this award, the 2015 Edge was able to earn more votes than other utility vehicles.

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MyStreetCred app can help fill you in on your driving habits.

MyStreetCred App Wins at Ford SYNC Applink Developer Conference

MyStreetCred app can help fill you in on your driving habits.

MyStreetCred app can help fill you in on your driving habits.

You usually don’t know what your bad habits are until someone points them out to you. This is exactly what the MyStreetCred app does and that is why it was declared the winner at the Ford SYNC AppLink Developer Conference.

MyStreetCred monitors your driving habits and then gives you a report card with areas you need to improve on. For example, it will let you know if you’re driving too fast in inclement weather or if you’re braking too hard and wasting fuel.

“We’re thrilled to see the innovation and ideas from the teams that participated in this year’s Developer Conference,” said Scott Burnell, global lead, partner management, Ford developer program, in a statement. “MyStreetCred stood out because of its innovative use of the new SYNC AppLink developer tools that leverage vehicle information to create dynamic apps in the car.”

MyStreetCred now gets to head to Las Vegas with Ford for the 2016 International CES conference. Tell us at Cambridge Classic Ford of Cambridge, OH your thoughts on this app?

Innovate Mobility Challenge Series 2.0, Ford is changing the world!

Innovate Mobility Challenge Series 2.0

Innovate Mobility Challenge Series 2.0, Ford is changing the world!

Innovate Mobility Challenge Series 2.0, Ford is changing the world!

There are areas all across the world that currently challenge how we new inventory at Cambridge Classic Ford—whether that’s city traffic congestion, harsh terrain, public transportation, and more. To help tackle these challenges, Ford initiated the Mobility Challenge Series 2.0.

“As a key part of Ford Smart Mobility, our Innovate Mobility Challenge Series helps us engage and collaborate with developers and individuals outside of Ford to find innovative mobility solutions that improve people’s lives,” said Ken Washington, vice president, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company, in a statement. “Technology and global trends are reshaping the transportation landscape, and it’s important to implement solutions that have local relevance for people in different cities.”

This year’s challenges build on the success of the Mobility Challenge Series 1.0 and ask for mobility solutions for Mexico City, Sao Paulo, the Australian Outback, and most recently, the Hsuehshan Tunnel in Taipei, Taiwan.

In the Hsuehshan Tunnel Transformer Challenge, Ford has asked developers to come up with ways to cut through the traffic between Taipei and nearby Yilan. The submission deadline runs until November 19 and is open to worldwide submissions. The grand prize submission will win $15,000.

Ford Operations in North Africa Expanding to Morocco

Ford Operations in North Africa

Ford Operations in North Africa

The American car brand announced in May that it will expand Ford operations in North Africa, opening 13 new dealerships as well as sales and purchasing offices. Expansion will be heavily focused in Morocco, with eight of the new dealerships and a regional sales office in Casablanca and the new purchasing office in Tangier. Moroccan offices and showrooms will open by the end of 2015.

Ford also plans to introduce seven new vehicles in North Africa and double the production of parts from suppliers based there. Much of the increased part production will be shipped overseas to Ford’s assembly plant in Valencia, Spain. This increase and the new facilities will create thousands of jobs throughout North Africa.

Both Ford and officials from Morocco have spoken about their excitement for Ford expanding in Morocco, citing the country’s highly motivated and business-oriented workforce, plus the optimal location. Cambridge Classic Ford is excited to be part of a company with such innovative global pursuits, and we’re excited to see the new models in the North African lineup.

All-New 2015 Ford F-150 Receives Top Safety Rating

all-new 2015 Ford F-150

all-new 2015 Ford F-150

If the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 hasn’t impressed you enough with its long list of awards, earning a top safety score certainly should. The 2015 F-150 recently received a 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the highest possible rating a vehicle can get.

The new F-150 is actually the only full-size, light-duty truck that has earned a 5-star rating from the NHTSA. All cab configurations (SuperCrew, SuperCab and Regular Cab) of the F-150 are certified as having a 5-star rating as well.

Engineers of the new F-150 reconfigured its structure, strengthening it will steel and using military-grade aluminum for the body to increase overall performance and safety. In total, 31 safety innovations were utilized to create the safest F-150 ever.

If you haven’t gotten behind the wheel of the all-new 2015 F-150 yet, you’re definitely missing out! Come visit us at Cambridge Classic Ford to take one out for a test drive today.

Mustang Wins 6th Consecutive Vincentric Best Value in America Award

The Ford Mustang has done it again: for the sixth consecutive year, it has earned the Vincentric Best Value in America Award for Sports Cars, showing that no, it really doesn’t intend to ever step down from the top.

2105 Ford Mustang - Vincentric Best Value in America

2105 Ford Mustang

The Best Value in America Awards, as you may have gathered from the name, are annual awards handed out by the Vincentric research firm, which specializes in ownership cost analysis. The company ranks vehicles in their respective segments based on several key costs of ownership, including depreciation, fees and taxes, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost, and repairs.

Vincentric’s data found that the Mustang’s total cost of ownership over a five year period was 4% below the expected amount, thanks to the lowest maintenance and fuel costs in its class. That’s about $4,000 cheaper than its closest competitor—but you don’t even have to wait that long to save money, as the Mustang is already one of the most affordable sports cars on the market right now! Come check it out at Cambridge Classic Ford!

Golden Gear Award

Ford Honored with Golden Gear Award for Engineering Excellence

Ford has always been a driving force of innovation in the automotive industry, with more than 100 years of creative and efficient new vehicles and products. Just last month – Ford was awarded with the coveted Golden Gear Award.

This award, granted by the Washington Automotive Press Association (WAPA), recognizes Ford’s “111-year history of engineering innovation,” additionally honoring Henry Ford himself for his vision that changed the automobile game.

Golden Gear Award

1.0-liter EcoBoost Engine

The award distribution occurred at WAPA’s 30th Anniversary Gala, a time to reflect on which auto companies have truly maintained a legacy of powerful, efficient vehicles. In light of so many excellent competitors, Ford still remains at the top.

At the gala, one of the vice presidents at Ford, Jim Holland, accepted the award, citing the promising path laid out by Henry Ford and how “the Ford team continues driving innovation through every part of our business to improve people’s lives.”

With Ford EcoBoost engines and the best-selling truck F-Series all over the roads, it’s easy to see that Ford continues to fulfill their namesake’s ideas.