New F-150 Raptor is Toughest Truck Yet

The new F-150 Raptor is ready for anything!

The new F-150 Raptor is ready for anything!

The realm of high-performance, off-roading pickup trucks is an interesting one. Only a small niche of enthusiasts goes adventuring off the beaten path in their trucks, but they’re a vocal group with a lot of passion for their hobby. Ford has upped the ante in the segment by introducing the new F-150 Raptor. This latest iteration of the Raptor is lauded as being the toughest, smartest, and most capable of its name, featuring tons of modifications made just to appeal to the off-roading market and optimize the Raptor’s potential.

Ford has been dropping new info on the F-150 Raptor every few months, revealing different parts and features of the tough truck to show off just how much effort went into designing it. With custom shock absorbers made just for the truck’s release, all-new BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, and the ability to switch between six different terrain modes, the Raptor was conceived and designed with the sort of love and passion you need in order to succeed in the world of performance trucks.

So will you be picking up the new F-150 Raptor? Whether you want to tear through sand dunes Baja-style, screech around winding mountain passes, or even crawl over rocky terrain, the Raptor has your back with its full range of capable features.

What songs would you put on this list of country songs about trucks?

Top Three Country Songs About Trucks

What songs would you put on this list of country songs about trucks?

What songs would you put on this list of country songs about trucks?

There are some things in this world that are essentially country. Cowboy boots qualify, for instance. Pickup trucks also count—and don’t take our word for it. Just look at how many country music crooners have sung an ode to the pickup truck! Here are our top three country songs about trucks.

Pickup Man by Joe Diffie

Joe Diffie had all sorts of hits on the country charts but this was his longest-running hit with “Pickup Man” having spent four weeks at number one. The song turns upon the double meaning of the word “pickup.” Not only does it reference a pickup truck, but also what the narrator is doing with his truck–picking up a date!

Something ‘Bout A Truck by Kip Moore

Kip Moore scored a number one hit with “Something ‘Bout A Truck”—his only number one to date. The song is a simple tune, with easy chords accompanied by lyrics that celebrate the simple-yet-wonderful things in life. Like trucks.

Truck Yeah by Tim McGraw

McGraw is country music royalty. His rock-solid reputation as a bone-fide country crooner is because of great songs like “Truck Yeah.” Taste Of Country hit the nail on the head when reviewing the single, saying that that wasn’t “intended to be the smartest song on the radio, but it might be the most fun.”

Tell us at Cambridge Classic Ford of Cambridge, OH your favorite country songs about trucks!

The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is ready to take on any terrain.

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Tackles the Desert

The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is ready to take on any terrain.

The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is ready to take on any terrain.

If you want to tackle the toughest terrain in the world, you choose the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor. This hardcore off-road beast is currently participating for the 2016 Best in the Desert off-road racing series.

“The all-new Raptor has the DNA of a Baja race truck, with a purpose-built engine, chassis and suspension that enables it to travel fast over challenging desert landscapes or crawl over rocky terrain,” said Jamal Hameedi, chief engineer, Ford Performance, in a statement.

This race-ready truck is powered by a 3.5-liter high-output EcoBoost engine paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission and a torque-on-demand transfer case. According to Greg Foutz, Ford’s truck builder and primary race truck driver, the race-ready Raptor is “the most stock truck” he has ever raced.

Some of the modifications to the truck include race-optimized three-inch-diameter external-bypass front and rear Fox Racing Shox, race-optimized front and rear springs for additional ground clearance, custom-fabricated roll cage, and MasterCraft seats with five-point harness safety belts.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy this version, but a still incredibly capable production version will be ready late this year. Learn more at Cambridge Classic Ford of Cambridge, OH.

With the incredible 2016 F-150, we cannot wait to see the special edition SEMA F-150 models.

Ford is Showcasing 7 New Special Edition SEMA F-150 Models

With the incredible 2016 F-150, we cannot wait to see the special edition SEMA F-150 models.

With the incredible 2016 F-150, we cannot wait to see the special edition SEMA F-150 models.

Each year, Ford steals the spotlight at the annual Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (SEMA) show with their special edition models, ranging from now-classic Mustangs to the premiere of the Shelby Cobra.

This year appears to be no exception, with Ford bringing in seven custom F-150 models to the show. The heavy-duty, low-weight Ford F-150 is not only one of Ford’s most popular vehicles but also is one of the most popular vehicles on the market.

Fortunately, Ford has also provided a sneak peak of what each of these models will look like, so you have the opportunity to check them out – even if you can’t make it to Las Vegas for the event.

You can get a good view of the special edition SEMA F-150 models here, including the rugged Leer Edition Outdoorsman vehicle, strikingly colored CGS Performance vehicle, and the vintage-inspired Galpin Auto Sports vehicle, just to name a few.

If you wish you could get behind the wheel of one of the SEMA F-150 models, you’re certainly not alone! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  And come check out the F-150 models we have at Cambridge Classic Ford of Cambridge, OH today!

All-New 2015 Ford F-150 Receives Top Safety Rating

all-new 2015 Ford F-150

all-new 2015 Ford F-150

If the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 hasn’t impressed you enough with its long list of awards, earning a top safety score certainly should. The 2015 F-150 recently received a 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the highest possible rating a vehicle can get.

The new F-150 is actually the only full-size, light-duty truck that has earned a 5-star rating from the NHTSA. All cab configurations (SuperCrew, SuperCab and Regular Cab) of the F-150 are certified as having a 5-star rating as well.

Engineers of the new F-150 reconfigured its structure, strengthening it will steel and using military-grade aluminum for the body to increase overall performance and safety. In total, 31 safety innovations were utilized to create the safest F-150 ever.

If you haven’t gotten behind the wheel of the all-new 2015 F-150 yet, you’re definitely missing out! Come visit us at Cambridge Classic Ford to take one out for a test drive today.

2015 Ford F-150 Crash Ratings crush the Silverado and Canyon Competition

Ford F-150 Crash Rating

2015 Ford F-150 Crash Ratings crush the Silverado and Canyon CompetitionThe Ford F-150 has topped the competition once again, this time beating out General Motors’ midsize pickups in the crash rating competition. The Super Crew version of the full-size F-150 pulled an overall five star crash rating. The new F-150 features a major changeover from steel to aluminum, a criticized move, but the five star crash rating proves that aluminum can be just as tough as steel.

The four door Super Crew F-150 makes up about 70% of all F-150s sold. With an overall crash rating of five stars, the pickup proves it’s ready for the road. The F-150 also received five star crash ratings on the front and side crashes. The truck received four stars in the rollover crash protection category.

The new F-150 crash rating proves that Ford’s move to save weight, improve fuel economy, and streamline the model was a good one. GM’s midsize pickups didn’t fare as well; both the Colorado and Canyon pulled a four star rating. Both Ford and GM have received critical acclaim for their trucks but with the release of crash ratings, Ford is pulling ahead.

“Our truck team worked together for years to deliver this accomplishment, using an unprecedented combination of advanced materials throughout the all-new F-150,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, global product development. “The 2015 model is engineered to be the safest F-150 ever.”

Ford Named Best Overall Truck Brand

When Ford first introduced the 2015 Ford F-150 pickup truck, the industry knew that it was going to shake up the pickup truck segment—but no one truly understood just how much it would do so. Now, the number one pickup has picked up yet another award after being named Kelley Blue Book’s Best Overall Truck Brand.2015 F-150 - Best Overall Truck Brand

The F-150 was recognized by the prestigious automotive website for its innovative “aluminum-intensive architecture that saves as much as 700 pounds and delivers a subsequent increase in fuel economy.” This is the sixth time Ford has been honored with this award.

Along with Kelley Blue Book’s Best Overall Truck Brand award, the 2015 Ford F-150 has earned almost 30 awards and accolades, including the 2015 North American Truck/Utility of the Year, 2015 Motor Trend Pickup Truck of the Year, and the Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Overall. For a full list of the Ford F-150’s awards, click here.

To see this award-winning pickup truck in action, don’t hesitate to come in to Cambridge Classic Ford today and give the F-150 a test drive.

New 2015 Ford F-150 Ads Keep it Tough

Ford is launching a new, rough-and-tumble ad campaign for their upcoming 2015 Ford F-150, the latest in Ford’s F-150 series, which in 2014 became the best-selling truck in 38 years. With such a huge fan-base, the auto company is ready to let the world know that the 2015 F-150 is ready.

The new F-150 is made out of trendy, lighter-weight aluminum, making the vehicle easier to power while maintaining its strength. However, the usual “Built Ford Tough” ad campaign will likely not make use of this fact, that could potentially be confusing to passerby.2015 Ford F-150 Ads

Nevertheless, Ford wants audiences to know that the 2015 is their toughest truck yet, and football fans will be reminded again and again during commercial breaks this season.

The 2015 F-150 is slowly appearing in some lucky dealerships (like ours) and should be present anywhere that new Ford models are sold in the next few months. Until then – enjoy the 2015 Ford F-150 ads and come visit us at Cambridge Classic Ford to see what we have in stock.

New 2015 F-150 Features Worth Drooling Over

Ford has proven it knows what consumers want with the new 2015 F-150. A number of subtle yet important features will change the way you drive your F-150. Ford is so proud of the new F-150, they are touting ten brand-new features that you probably didn’t even know you wanted.

“If I do my job, the customer simply intuits that things are right – both inside and outside of his truck – without even having to think about it,” said Cary Diehl, a Ford human factors engineer who contributed to the production of the 2015 F-150.

You read that right; Ford makes it a priority to figure out what you want before you even realize it. Call it intuition or call it mind-reading, Ford is a step ahead, and for that, we are grateful.

  1. Large folding step. A new folding step allows access to the cargo bed from the side. The step slides under the truck when not in use, and was made large enough to accommodate a large work boot.
  2. One-handed tailgate operation. Thanks to a hinge mechanism that keeps the tailgate from slamming down and increased grip due to grooves in the handle, the tailgate can now be easily opened and closed with one hand.
  3. Keypad with buttons. While the rest of the car world has moved to capacitive touch controls, the F-150 has decided to keep an exterior keypad with actual buttons for entry into the truck. The reason? Actual buttons are much easier to control while wearing gloves, and users can more easily input a security code by feel if they can’t see well.
  4. Added arm rest. There is already a dedicated armrest built into the doors of each F-150, but a new additional armrest has been created at the base of the window. The new armrest is wide enough for most arms to rest even with the window up, and is the same height as the center arm rest.
  5. Sculpted door handle. The modern interior door handle’s shape and position make it easy to grip and hold onto, particularly if a gust of wind comes along.
  6. Four-spoke steering wheel. The four-spoke steering wheel features a design which allows drivers to position their hand at the six-o’clock position. While you may have never thought about it before, many automakers close off the area in the bottom of the steering wheel. Some drivers like that hand position because it allows them to know when their wheels are perfectly straight for backing up to a trailer or tight space.
  7. Finger indents: Finger indents on the steering wheel used to be common, but have since become a lost feature. The indents allow for better grip and give the driver more precise control when making tight adjustments.
  8. Well-placed controls. Buttons and controls have been clustered in a smart, visually appealing way. Clusters of buttons are placed based on function.
  9. My-View screen is customizable. An eight-inch screen behind the steering wheel keeps the information most important to the driver available and easy to read. Options include trailer information, tire pressure, off-road mode, trip fuel, and others.
  10. Entertainment functions in center console. Entertainment functions are confined to the center console, and utility functions are on display behind the steering wheel.The only exception is incoming calls, which can be seen behind the steering wheel display.

Stop by Cambridge Classic Ford today to learn more about the exciting 2015 Ford F-150 features.

Ford Unveils Seamless Sliding Rear Window for 2015 F-150

The all-new 2015 F-150 will see an array of impressive new features and technology. We’ve already heard about the light-weight aluminum body, and now Ford has revealed its high-tech seamless sliding rear window. The all-new rear window is the result of a design competition among Ford’s suppliers in which Magna International nailed it designing a single piece of glass with a power slider.

From the beginning of the 2015 F-150’s design, Ford was asking and listening to what customers wanted. “They said they wanted visibility, that it seals well when it is closed, but still able to open the center window and use the defog when it is open,” said Noah Mass, Ford manager of body exterior mechanisms.

The new one-piece sealing technology not only looks good, but it also reduces cabin noise and keeps out dirt and water. In addition, the rear glass features a unique heating grid that defrosts the glass, even if the rear window is open.

The window is 4.5 percent lighter than the previous window, and because it is a single piece of glass with a sealant instead of a three-piece window, it’s much easier to install and requires about half of the parts to assemble. While it will debut on the F-150, Ford is discussing where else the window can be used – already planning to incorporate it in its Transit full-size commercial wagon.

According to, the seamless sliding window will be standard on higher trim levels of the F-150, and will be about a $350 option on the XL and XLT packages.

You’ll be able to find the all-new Ford F-150 at Cambridge Classic Fordlater this year!