Ford Teaches Safe Driving Tips at Six Free Camps

safe driving tips

safe driving tips

Ford is committed to making the roads safer for everyone, and sometimes that means more than just making cars that ace crashworthiness evaluations. Another way to make the roads safer is to teach drivers how to avoid getting into accidents in the first place. As part of Ford’s commitment, teens will be able to learn about safety hands-on at six camps this summer as part of the Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) program.

Camps in North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Iowa will teach kids important safe driving tips that aren’t always covered in regular driver’s education, such as how to handle a vehicle on slippery pavement or how to react to an animal crossing the road. They’ll be taught hands-on about hazard recognition, space and speed management, and even how it feels to drive drunk using a special suit and goggles that blurs vision, slows movement, and impairs coordination.

The final step to becoming a safer driver is getting the most out of your driver’s education by driving a responsive car that still has your back should you slip up. What has been the weirdest road hazard you’ve encountered while driving? Tell us here at Cambridge Classic Ford!

New 2015 Ford F-150 Ads Keep it Tough

Ford is launching a new, rough-and-tumble ad campaign for their upcoming 2015 Ford F-150, the latest in Ford’s F-150 series, which in 2014 became the best-selling truck in 38 years. With such a huge fan-base, the auto company is ready to let the world know that the 2015 F-150 is ready.

The new F-150 is made out of trendy, lighter-weight aluminum, making the vehicle easier to power while maintaining its strength. However, the usual “Built Ford Tough” ad campaign will likely not make use of this fact, that could potentially be confusing to passerby.2015 Ford F-150 Ads

Nevertheless, Ford wants audiences to know that the 2015 is their toughest truck yet, and football fans will be reminded again and again during commercial breaks this season.

The 2015 F-150 is slowly appearing in some lucky dealerships (like ours) and should be present anywhere that new Ford models are sold in the next few months. Until then – enjoy the 2015 Ford F-150 ads and come visit us at Cambridge Classic Ford to see what we have in stock.

4 Tips for Driving in the Snow

Winter can be a stressful time to drive here in Cambridge. There’s snow and ice; windows fog really easily; it gets dark early; and visibility tends to be pretty low—not to mention the sun is glaringly bright when there is snow on the ground. To make things a little easier, we at Cambridge Classic Ford have gathered four tips for driving in the snow. We hope these help!

  1. Know your car, especially the brakes: It’s always important that you are familiar with your car, but especially when conditions are bad. Specifically, take note of whether you have antilock brakes or not. AAA recommends threshold braking, regardless of brake types.
  2. Be careful on hills: If you’re approaching a hill, you’re going to want to have inertia on your side. Don’t try to power up it too quickly, but never stop going when you’re climbing a hill.
  3. Refrain from stopping: If you can keep from braking anywhere (not just on that hill we mentioned), please do so. It’s much more difficult to gain inertia from a standstill. Obviously, you must stop at all traffic stops.
  4. Take it slow: Ultimately, slowing everything down in extreme conditions is the best strategy to have. Accelerate, decelerate, turn, everything—slow and steady wins the race. And gets you home safe and sound.

Be careful out there!

2015 Mustang Is a True Spectacle

The Ford Mustang has consistently been a stylish car that is not short on power. The new 2015 model is no exception. It debuts a new look that has been a long time coming. With a six-speed automatic and the option of having EcoBoost, this Mustang is a true spectacle with both its sporting and efficiency features.

2015 MustangUSA Today says that the Launch Control system “feathers the amount of power so that — theoretically — just the right amount is applied to the rear tires for the quickest possible acceleration.” This means that through controlling the power output, the Mustang is made even more efficient.

So how much is this new-and-improved Mustang? For the standard V-6, the price starts at $24,425, $25,995 for the EcoBoost, and $32,925 for the GT V-8 model.

Now that you know this Mustang has to be your next car, the hardest decision you will have to make is which trim to get. The 2015 Mustang will roll into dealerships this October, so plan to get yours from us at Cambridge Classic Ford!

Ford Models Get a New Assistant: the Apple Siri System

Most of us have always talked to our cars, and if you haven’t, you might be motivated to start now. Ford announced that the Apple Siri System will be made available in some new models. We’re glad to hear it at Cambridge Classic Ford, because let’s face it – who doesn’t enjoy a little conversation?

Ford is pairing with Automatic Labs in order to make every Ford model a little safer and a little smarter. AutomotiveNews said Ford vehicles can already make calls and get directions with SYNC AppLink, but the Apple Siri System will allow drives to use the Press-To-Talk button technology. It also allows access to IFTTT Web Service to track driving expenses, trip details, and even features like turning on house lights when drivers arrive home.

Jim Buczkowski, Ford’s director of electrical and electronic systems said, “Ford believes that voice control is important to a safer and smarter mobility experience. This enables us to provide additional voice-controlled features like Siri for iPhone users — Ford drivers can now access Siri while keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.”

To check out a Ford car, truck, or SUV that will have access to the Apple Siri System, come down to Cambridge Classic Ford. These models include many of the 2011-2015 Explorers, F-Series trucks, the Ford Flex, Taurus, and F-150, among others.

Tailgate Theft on the Rise, Easy to Prevent

Apparently there is a high demand for truck tailgates on the black market. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that from January 1st 2012 to December 31st 2013, tailgate theft has jumped from 831 to 1,090, an unbelievable 31 percent.

The National Crime Insurance Bureau reviewed insurance claims for stolen tailgates from trucks across the nation to come to their finding. Texas led the way with 752 total claims in the two-year period, which is likely due to the sheer popularity and higher number of pickup trucks in the great state. Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas carry the majority of those thefts. California and Arizona followed in second and third place, with 334 and 207 claims, respectively.

Unfortunately, the black market thrives off of items that can be acquired at low risk and low cost to thieves. Tailgates, when not locked, are fairly easy and quick to remove, and thieves can go virtually unnoticed in unpopulated areas. Many of these tailgates are sold for use on similar trucks, but some are sold for scrap, contributing to a nationwide problem of metal theft.

Because an experienced tailgate thief can steal a tailgate in mere seconds, it can happen just about anywhere. The good news? It’s easy to deter such criminals with a simple after-market hinge lock.

NICB spokesperson Frank Scafidi told Autoblog that “it’s hard to know with confidence” the reason for the rise in claims. He speculated that it could simply have been more awareness of the problem, which would mean more people filing insurance claims for it.

This may or may not be a new problem, but the message is clear: it’s worth a little extra effort to make sure your tailgate is locked up, and avoid becoming a statistic.

If you are in the market for a reliable pickup, stop by Cambridge Classic Ford today!

Ford Announces $1 Million Alan Mulally Leadership in Engineering Scholarship Program

Ford has announced the Alan Mulally Leadership in Engineering Scholarship, which is a $1 million scholarship program that honors the company’s former CEO by awarding financial assistance to outstanding students who are pursuing degrees in automotive engineering.

The Alan Mulally Leadership in Engineering Scholarship program will award ten one-time $10,000 scholarships over the course of ten years, beginning in 2015. The scholarships will go to outstanding sophomore and junior engineering students at partner universities around the world.

“Alan’s engineering background and data-driven decision making paved the way for the extraordinary leadership he provided at Ford,” said Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford in a recent news release. “We are honoring his legacy by providing scholarships to students who demonstrate the strong engineering ability that is required to develop into the next generation of leaders for our industry.”

Ford has a long history of making education a priority, with a belief that education is the cornerstone for a brighter future. Education has been the primary focus for the Ford Fund since 1949, and just last year contributed $8.5 million to education programs.

Stop by Cambridge Classic Ford today to learn more!

American’s Know Distracted Driving Is Dangerous, But Do It Anyway

According to a new Harris poll, Americans know that drinking and driving, texting and driving, and other distracted driving is dangerous, but admit to doing it anyway. The real question is if we agree these activities are dangerous, why do we still do it?

According to the poll, a resounding 93 percent of Americans surveyed believe texting and driving is dangerous, and 91 percent of Americans believe reading a text while driving is dangerous. Even though those surveyed know, and agree that texting and reading texts while driving is dangerous, 45 percent have read texts while driving and 37 percent have sent texts while driving.

When it comes to drinking and driving, 94 percent of Americans believe drinking three or more drinks and then driving is dangerous, and 68 percent of Americans believe even drinking just one or two drinks and then driving is dangerous. Unfortunately, 37 percent of those surveyed admit they’ve probably driven after drinking too much.

Besides drinking and texting, drivers are participating in some other pretty odd behaviors while driving. The study found that one in four people have admitted to grooming themselves while driving, another 25 percent said they’ve posted to social media, 19 percent have read a book, newspaper, or magazine while on the road, and 13 percent have watched a video on their smartphone or tablet.

We think it’s time to put down the technology (and the nail clippers and books), and focus at the task at hand. A car can be a dangerous killing machine when not used properly, and we have a major responsibility to ourselves and those around us every time we get behind the wheel.

For more details on this study, check out

Really, it can wait.

Stop by Cambridge Classic Ford today to get behind the wheel of your dream car (responsibly, of course). WE look forward to seeing you!

5 Apps Every College Student Needs

Colleges are starting up all over the country. With moving day approaching, it important to make sure that you have everything loaded up and ready to go. Waiting for the day before you leave for school is not the ideal time to have to go out and pick up a last minute purchase.

The purchases you can make last minute are those apps for your smart phone. We’ve found some must-have apps that every college student should have this year. Better yet…they’re all free!!

1. Lemon Wallet – For those of us who are prone to losing things no matter how hard we try, this might be the app for you. It keeps track of any card in your wallet that you add to the system. Just in case you’re prone to losing to your phone, you might want to skip this one.

2. Duolingo – If you’re taking a language class this year, these extra lessons and tests will go a long way towards helping you pass.

3. Viber – Free texting and voice calls from any distance make this the perfect choice if you’re studying abroad.

4. AnyList – Are you living with roommates and not on your school’s meal plan? That means you’re buying groceries and you want to avoid repeat purchases. Or maybe you want to update the grocery list before your roommate goes shopping. If so, definitely download this one.

5. Chegg – You can’t pass a class without the textbooks and they are expensive! Rent them for the semester and enjoy free shipping too.

When you do manage to break away from your crazy college schedule for a trip home, remember to schedule a service for your car. It’ll be hard to get back to school if your car isn’t tuned up.

Ford Announces Winners of the MyEnergi Lifestyle Contest

When Ford launched the MyEnergi Lifestyle Retrofit Contest, the goal was to find a family that showed others how a typical American family can afford to live an energy-efficient lifestyle, and the Sattlers of Parker, CO do just that.

Lindsay and Ben Sattler make a concerted effort to keep their home running as green as possibly.  Ben even teaches courses on alternative fuels and home energy efficiency to inner-city students.  That was one of the main reasons Lindsay wrote the submission essay, and it has paid off big time.

2013 C-MAX EnergiThe Sattlers have won a brand-new 2013 Ford C-MAX Energi, new Whirlpool brand appliances, a SunPower solar system and other products design to promote greener living.  Combining all of these prizes will create a supremely energy efficient home.

“By combining the latest technologies such as the Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid, energy-efficient appliances and renewable energy generation, the Sattler family should see up to a 60 percent reduction in energy costs and a 55 percent reduction in CO2,” said Mike Tinskey, global director of vehicle electrification and infrastructure for Ford, in a press release.

That Sattlers couldn’t be happier. “Winning the MyEnergi Lifestyle Retrofit contest is truly life-changing for us,” said Lindsay Sattler. “Now, we have the freedom to bless others with the money we’re saving, and more opportunities to live out what my husband teaches to his students.”

Visit us today at Cambridge Classic Ford to learn just how big of a difference driving the 2013 Ford C-MAX can make for the environment and your wallet!