What to Store in Your Car for Winter

What to Store in Your Car for Winter

Winter can be the harshest season of the year and it can easily strike at the heart of a driver’s transportation. In those situation, it’s important to be prepared with the proper equipment for the job. While you can’t take your entire garage, you can certainly store a few important items in your car. Here’s are a few suggestions on what to store in your car for winter from all of us here at Cambridge Classic Ford.

  • Blankets – If you’ve ever been stranded in a snow drift in a car that won’t start, you already know how important blankets are. It’s important to stay warm when you’re trapped on the side of the road awaiting help. There’s no knowing how long you’ll be out in the cold and a car can’t stay warm forever. Pack in several blankets in case disaster strikes.
  • First Aid Kit – You should always have a first aid kit in your car in case of an emergency. This simple item is incredibly important during winter. Slipping and falling can result in a nasty injury while car accidents are a constant threat as well.
  • Jumper Cables – It takes more current to start a car and some batteries can die under the strain. Having a pair of jumper cables increases the likelihood you’ll be back on the road sooner rather than later.

Bucket List Ideas for 2017

Bucket List Ideas

2017 is a new year which means there are plenty of opportunities to cross a few items off your bucket list. First, however, you have to have a bucket list. If you don’t have a list yet, now is the perfect time to create one. Even if you don’t know where to start, you can always change the list later on. Here are a few bucket list ideas for 2017 suggested by us here at Cambridge Classic Ford!

  • Learn a Language – Becoming bilingual, or even multilingual, is a great way to ingrain yourself in a new culture. Learning a new language can open many doors in social groups as well as job opportunities. Best of all, many programs provide ways to learn a new language in as little as a year.
  • Travel – Not everyone has the money to visit a foreign country, but heading to a major city you’ve always wanted to visit is much more affordable. Never been to New York City? Add it to your bucket list. Interested in Hollywood? Well, you know what to do.
  • Run a Marathon – Those feeling particularly ambitious and looking to get into shape should consider running a marathon. This is a great accomplish that would put you in an elite group of runners. Long-distance running isn’t for everyone so consulting a doctor might be a good idea before you head out on that 26.2-mile trek.

The Best Christmas Movies For a Magical Season

Best Christmas Movies

Though there is much to disagree on when it comes to the holiday season, there’s one thing that can bring anyone together – a love of holiday films. In fact, AMC recently conducted a poll of the best Christmas movies. Thousands weighed in, and we have to agree with the results. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas! – The oldest movie on our list, this classic animated film first debuted in 1996 and has been airing year after year since, making it a true holiday staple.
  • A Christmas Story – We’re also a huge fan of 1983’s A Christmas Story, which – although it is family-friendly – has a bit more adult humor and is ideal to play in the background at any Christmas party.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – Similarly, 1993’s semi-spooky The Nightmare Before Christmas can light up television screens guilt-free, from October through December 25th.
  • The Santa Clause – One of our other favorites is 1994’s The Santa Clause, in which Tim Allen quickly finds himself in charge of Santa’s entire Christmas ordeal, beard and all.
  • Elf – Lastly, the newest film on our list is 2003’s Elf, which quickly became loved by both young and old. Who can deny Will Ferrell’s elven charm, especially when accompanied by the adorable Zooey Deschanel?

So what was AMC’s number one Christmas film? It was the 1990 classic, Home Alone.

What’s your favorite holiday movie? Come let us know at Cambridge Classic Ford!

Christmas Traditions to Make Your Holiday Season Memorable

Christmas Traditions

The holiday season is the ideal time to start up a tradition, creating memories that your loved ones will remember and re-visit year after year. Looking for some ideas? Check out these easy-to-start Christmas traditions:

  • Pick out a Christmas tree at a tree farm, where you can find the perfect addition for your home and family.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree together, perhaps while listening to your favorite Christmas album.
  • Every year, make a new Christmas tree ornament together with the year listed somewhere on the ornament to chronicle the tradition.
  • Make Christmas cookies and decorate them with various colors of frosting and sprinkles.
  • Go caroling, or simply sing a song or two at home around the fire.
  • Learn about how other cultures spend their Christmas season, and consider incorporating one of their traditions into your own.
  • Find a way to volunteer locally, improving the Christmas of other families in your neighborhood.
  • Lastly, watch your favorite holiday movie, whether it’s an animated classic like How the Grinch Stole Christmas! or something more contemporary, like Elf, and watch it every year!

And of course, to start your holiday season with a brand new car – ready to topple snowy conditions – stop by and visit us anytime at Cambridge Classic Ford.

Local July 4th Fireworks

Enjoy local fireworks in Cambridge this July 4th.

Enjoy local fireworks in Cambridge this July 4th.

Are you excited for the upcoming July 4th celebrations? Does your family do a giant cookout with everyone you know? Or do you try to keep it more low key?

No matter how you celebrate July 4th, we are sure that you watch a fireworks display. There is a fireworks display right here in Cambridge, Ohio, so you do not have to go far to enjoy the festivities. Well here at Cambridge Classic Ford of Cambridge, Ohio, we have all of the information for you so that you can just enjoy your weekend!

Have you ever been to the Cambridge Boomarama Fireworks? The fireworks are taking place on July 4th at 10:00pm. And they will be at the Cambridge City Park on Lakeside Drive. Entry to see the fireworks display is free, although some of the other events and activities may require a fee.  If you want to head out to the park early, there will be music at the pavilion starting at 7:30pm.

Let us know how the fireworks go and have a great Fourth of July weekend!

Best Restaurants in Columbus

What is on your list of best restaurants in Columbus?

What is on your list of best restaurants in Columbus?

In the Columbus area and want to grab a bite to eat? Morning, noon, or night, there’s a host of great places to choose from here in the capital of Ohio! Here are some of the best restaurants in Columbus.

  • Z Cucina di Spirito – Although it isn’t as cheap as fast food joints, this restaurant serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisine to die for. A great spot for every occasion, including those that involve children, Z Cucina di Spirito provides an atmosphere few restaurants can compete with. Not only that, but the restaurant offers a gluten-free menu as well.
  • Lindsey’s – Running on the more expensive side when it comes to the menu, the food is worth every penny. Serving America cuisine and seafood, Lindsey’s is one of the top fine dining restaurants in Columbus. With both a gluten-free menu and valet parking, this is the perfect restaurant for those who want a taste of sophistication with their meal.
  • Mitchell’s Ocean Club – While the name hints at the cuisine, Mitchell’s Ocean Club serves American and Contemporary cuisine, seafood, and steakhouse-style dishes. With prices coming in at exactly what you’d expect, this restaurant offers a gluten-free menu and a full bar.

Each restaurant we recommend has received the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence, ensuring quality in every way! So prepare your stomach and enjoy some grub at one of these best restaurants in Columbus. Tell us at Cambridge Classic Ford of Cambridge, OH your favorite Columbus restaurants.

Enjoy a movie at the Lynn Auto Theatre.

Head to Lynn Auto Theatre and Enjoy an Old-School Drive-In Movie

Enjoy a movie at the Lynn Auto Theatre.

Enjoy a movie at the Lynn Auto Theatre.

There’s nothing quite like heading to the drive-in theater on a cool summer night. Sitting in the comfort of your vehicle, munching on candy and enjoying the fresh air while a blockbuster plays out on the giant outdoor screen

Though not as popular as they once were, drive-in movie theaters are luckily still around. Here in Cambridge, the closest theater is in Strasburg and is called the Lynn Auto Theatre.

This is Ohio’s oldest drive-in movie theater. Beginning operation in 1937, the theater has evolved over the years. The latest renovation allows for patrons to enjoy HD sound from their vehicle stereo. They also feature fully digital projection, making for an incredibly sharp picture. Not only does Lynn Auto Theatre have a complete concession stand, but it also has an arcade which makes it great for the whole family.

Pricing is set at $7 for adults and $3 for children aged 5 to 11.

The slogan at the Lynn Auto Theatre is “Come as you are in the family car” which highlights arguably the best thing about the drive-in–you don’t have to dress up!

Find great car models for teenager drivers here!

Ford’s Best Car Models for Teenage Drivers

Find great car models for teenager drivers here!

Find great car models for teenager drivers here!

If you have a teenager who is getting ready to drive their very first vehicle, you know that they want a vehicle they consider cool to drive; meanwhile, you are probably more concerned whether the vehicle is safe to drive. Fortunately, Ford offers the best of both worlds, as their lineup of vehicles are both safe and stylish. The following are Ford’s best car models for teenage drivers.

The Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is an appealing choice for a teenager’s first vehicle due to its incredibly low price. It also comes with a lot of value packaged inside. Several trims of the Ford Fiesta come equipped with technologies like a rear view camera that you won’t find in the more expensive models of other brands.

The Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is one of the most stylish sedans on the road. Teenage drivers are sure to get a kick out of its exterior look. Meanwhile, parents will love the available advanced safety systems and the incredible fuel efficiency of the Ford Focus.

The Ford Fusion

Whether you buy a new edition or a used model, the Ford Fusion can offer a lot to brand new drivers. It has an extensive lineup of available engine choices, and an even more extensive collection of safety systems, making it the perfect choice for a first car.

Find the car that both you and your teenager will love at Cambridge Classic Ford of Cambridge, OH!

Enjoy fall with these fall festivals near Cambridge!

Fall Festivals Near Cambridge, Ohio

Enjoy fall with these fall festivals near Cambridge!

Enjoy fall with these fall festivals near Cambridge!

Here in Ohio, fall is the perfect time of year for some outdoor adventures. All across the state, communities come together for some festival fun. Here are some great fall festivals near Cambridge that you should visit.

  • Barnesville Pumpkin Festival. Head to Barnesville September 24th through the 27th for this great classic fall festival. See some giant pumpkins, a classic car show, eat lots of delicious food, and so much more.
  • Ohio Swiss Festival. Less than an hour away in Sugarcreek, this annual festival celebrates all things Swiss, from cheese to polka. It is considered one of the most popular outdoor festivals in the state and runs from October 2nd until the 3rd, this year.
  • Atwood Area Fall Festival. Another great festival is the Atwood Area Fall Festival in Mineral City. This festival has “Something for Everyone” with food, music, crafts, displays, car shows, and so much more. It runs from October 2nd through the 4th.
  • Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival. This festival will be held in nearby Jefferson on October 10th and 11th and celebrates the many covered bridges in our area. Pick up some official souvenirs, watch the parade, eat some food, and have some fun.
  • Apple Butter Stirrin’ Festival. Held in the historic Roscoe Village in Coshocton, this festival celebrates all things autumn, with delicious food, great music, and lots of fun.

What are some of your favorite fall festivals near Cambridge?

Mustang is the Best-Selling American Muscle Car

best-selling American muscle car

best-selling American muscle car

Performance enthusiasts often wonder which American muscle car is “the best,” a subject about which everyone seems to have a different opinion. No matter what camp you fall in, the numbers don’t lie: in June 2015, the Ford Mustang was by far and away the best-selling American muscle car categorized as a muscle car.

In fact, compared to its biggest rival, the Chevy Camaro, Mustang has historically been the stronger nameplate. It wasn’t until after the blockbuster Transformers film that Camaro returned en force with the fifth generation, but Mustang quickly caught up, going just about even with it in terms of sales in 2012 and 2013. By 2014, it had once again overtaken Camaro, and so far this year it has been absolutely crushing the competition.

In June, Mustang sold 11,719 units to Camaro’s 8,611 (and Challenger’s 6,845), beating its longtime rival despite the latter’s 11.5 percent sales improvement. That’s because the Mustang’s new 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine—a favorite at Cambridge Classic Ford—helped sales leap by a whopping 53.6 percent! So far this year, the Mustang is up by nearly 28,000 models sold compared to Camaro.

So which car is the best? The numbers tell it all! Let’s face it: deep down, you already knew, didn’t you? Go to Cambridge Classic Ford to see our inventory.