Mustang is the Best-Selling American Muscle Car

best-selling American muscle car

best-selling American muscle car

Performance enthusiasts often wonder which American muscle car is “the best,” a subject about which everyone seems to have a different opinion. No matter what camp you fall in, the numbers don’t lie: in June 2015, the Ford Mustang was by far and away the best-selling American muscle car categorized as a muscle car.

In fact, compared to its biggest rival, the Chevy Camaro, Mustang has historically been the stronger nameplate. It wasn’t until after the blockbuster Transformers film that Camaro returned en force with the fifth generation, but Mustang quickly caught up, going just about even with it in terms of sales in 2012 and 2013. By 2014, it had once again overtaken Camaro, and so far this year it has been absolutely crushing the competition.

In June, Mustang sold 11,719 units to Camaro’s 8,611 (and Challenger’s 6,845), beating its longtime rival despite the latter’s 11.5 percent sales improvement. That’s because the Mustang’s new 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine—a favorite at Cambridge Classic Ford—helped sales leap by a whopping 53.6 percent! So far this year, the Mustang is up by nearly 28,000 models sold compared to Camaro.

So which car is the best? The numbers tell it all! Let’s face it: deep down, you already knew, didn’t you? Go to Cambridge Classic Ford to see our inventory.

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