Ford Teaches Safe Driving Tips at Six Free Camps

safe driving tips

safe driving tips

Ford is committed to making the roads safer for everyone, and sometimes that means more than just making cars that ace crashworthiness evaluations. Another way to make the roads safer is to teach drivers how to avoid getting into accidents in the first place. As part of Ford’s commitment, teens will be able to learn about safety hands-on at six camps this summer as part of the Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) program.

Camps in North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Iowa will teach kids important safe driving tips that aren’t always covered in regular driver’s education, such as how to handle a vehicle on slippery pavement or how to react to an animal crossing the road. They’ll be taught hands-on about hazard recognition, space and speed management, and even how it feels to drive drunk using a special suit and goggles that blurs vision, slows movement, and impairs coordination.

The final step to becoming a safer driver is getting the most out of your driver’s education by driving a responsive car that still has your back should you slip up. What has been the weirdest road hazard you’ve encountered while driving? Tell us here at Cambridge Classic Ford!

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