Ford Operations in North Africa Expanding to Morocco

Ford Operations in North Africa

Ford Operations in North Africa

The American car brand announced in May that it will expand Ford operations in North Africa, opening 13 new dealerships as well as sales and purchasing offices. Expansion will be heavily focused in Morocco, with eight of the new dealerships and a regional sales office in Casablanca and the new purchasing office in Tangier. Moroccan offices and showrooms will open by the end of 2015.

Ford also plans to introduce seven new vehicles in North Africa and double the production of parts from suppliers based there. Much of the increased part production will be shipped overseas to Ford’s assembly plant in Valencia, Spain. This increase and the new facilities will create thousands of jobs throughout North Africa.

Both Ford and officials from Morocco have spoken about their excitement for Ford expanding in Morocco, citing the country’s highly motivated and business-oriented workforce, plus the optimal location. Cambridge Classic Ford is excited to be part of a company with such innovative global pursuits, and we’re excited to see the new models in the North African lineup.

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