Ford Prepares Multiple Mustang SEMA Cars

Ford is going all out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its iconic Mustang pony car and the SEMA show will be no exception. The American carmaker recently announced that it would be bringing multiple Mustang SEMA cars to Las Vegas this year, showcasing the pony car’s many features. Over a dozen of these Mustangs are expected to arrive at SEMA in November, coming from aftermarket tuners like Galpin Auto Sports, Steeda, Roush, and more

While each aftermarket vehicle will offer its own unique take on the ‘Stang’s big 5-0 anniversary, Galpin will start things off with a bang—or should we say with gold? The Galpin Mustang model will be covered in the precious metal, using black paint with gold flecks in it and gold wheels, side sills, brake calipers, and badges. Below all this shiny paint, the Galpin model will also pack a whopping powerhouse engine with a 5.0-liter V8 partnered with a Whipple supercharged that churns out 725 horsepower.

For more information on the multiple Mustang SEMA cars, make sure you check back to Cambridge Classic Ford!

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