Ford’s iHeartRadio App Gives Drivers More Audio Control

Over 800 popular radio stations can be at your fingertips with Ford’s new iHeartRadio app.  Ford’s iHeartRadio works with SYNC® AppLink™ and allows drivers to use voice commands to control the system’s features.

The iHeartRadio app uses Clear Channel’s free digital radio service to offer over 800 popular radio stations and user-created custom stations to drivers.  Through the SYNC system, drivers can use voice commands to start or stop a song, play any of the iHeartRadio stations, and find traffic reports nearest to their location.

When drivers say commands like “genre,” “city” or “personality,” they can sift through the hundreds of radio stations available to find their taste of songs.  If they like a song they hear, the SYNC AppLink will allow drivers to post the song on their Facebook Timeline to share with friends.  Drivers can also give songs on custom stations a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to like or skip the song that is playing.

This makes Ford the first automaker to launch an iHeartRadio app with voice control.

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