Ford Reveals New Collaboration at the 2012 CES

Ford drivers can now listen to Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, and other favorite programs on NPR conveniently at their request using the SYNC AppLink and the latest edition of the NPR Smartphone app.  The collaboration was announced this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Ford and NPR have teamed up to adapt the NPR News app for SYNC AppLink.  The NPR News app integration with SYNC AppLink brings the features of NPR’s mobile application on iPhone and Android into the car with features that include:

  • NPR’s Newscast: Hear the latest coverage of breaking news as soon as you get into your car – or anytime you choose.
  • Get local news from across the nation: say “stations” and select your favorite NPR Member station for local news and programs
  • Program your car’s radio station presets from the NPR app
  • Just say “Programs” to listen to your favorite NPR and other public radio programs when you want.
  • Pick stories by topic.
  • Create a playlist: Make your selections on your Smartphone before you get on the road and enjoy your own custom mix of national and local news and public radio talk
  • Control your listening experience: Now you can pause, skip, advance or even go back within the same story, or to earlier stories.
  • Friendly tips.

The NPR News app for Ford SYNC offers the variety, choice, and control of a Smartphone app in your car. Designed to minimize driver distraction, the NPR News app is easily controlled with voice commands and simple steering wheel controls, allowing drivers to effortlessly customize their public radio listening experience.

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