SYNC and MyFord Touch: Fan Favorites

As a very technology forward and friendly company, Ford has always been at the forefront of vehicle innovations. Two of Ford’s favorite creations are the SYNC® and the MyFord Touch®. The SYNC® made its first appearance in 2007 and the MyFord Touch® followed just a few years later in 2010.  For the relatively new pair, tweaks to their already elevated systems are just perfecting them even more.

MyFord TouchWe all fell in love with the pair almost on sight and have been clamoring for more. In one of Ford’s recent press releases, it was revealed just how popular these technologies have grown. Together, the two systems are sold on 79 percent of 2013 Ford vehicles, which is up nearly ten percent from 2012. In fact, drivers stick with Ford specifically for its superior infotainment offering. Specifically, 53 percent of 2013 Escape drivers cited the MyFord Touch touch screen as their number one reason for purchasing the vehicle.

“Ford has launched 60 new technologies the past few years and they are helping attract many new customers in important markets such as the coasts,” reported Raj Nair, group vice president, global product development. “SYNC and MyFord Touch are key parts of our innovation strategy, and not only bring more new customers to our brand, but help deliver higher satisfaction with overall vehicle quality.”

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