Ford Fund Joins Go Red

We all try to do what we can for the various cancer and disease organizations that exist. Well, the Ford Motor Company through the Ford Fund is also doing what they can. The Ford Fund is the community relations section of the Ford Motor Company. As such, the Ford Fund has awarded the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign in Lexington, Kentucky $10,000.

Go Red for WomenThe check was presented during a Lexington Legends baseball game. That same game was also dedicated to the Go Red for Women campaign. This is not a new gifting relationship for Ford; the Ford Fund also gave the American Heart Association a $10,000 grant last year.

According to the Special Events Director for the American Heart Assocation, “Heart disease affects more women in Kentucky than any other disease. We are grateful to the Ford Motor Company for continuing to support our Go Red for Women mission.”

This is all being done as a part of Ford’s Operation Better World program. The program is a partnership between the Ford Fund and local Ford dealers. All donations to the program are given to organizations that support children, families, health, and veteran’s needs.

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