Fun in the ‘50s Friday

We’ve all heard of ‘Way-back Wednesday’ and ‘Throwback Thursday’. Well today is ‘Fun in the ‘50s Friday’ at Cambridge Classic Ford. Today seems like a good time to reminisce about the good ‘ole days. To really take some time to concentrate on something positive that reminds us of a great moment in history.

Back in 1959, the Ford motor company celebrated a huge milestone in automotive history. That was the year Ford produced its 50-millionth vehicle. This milestone car was the 1959 Ford Galaxie.

The Galaxie was a 2-door convertible-coupe with a spark-ignition, 4-stroke engine. Ford rushed to make changes to the 1959 Galaxie because a new Chevrolet was come out soon. With a bigger, brighter, blockier look, the 1959 Galaxie beat out its competition to end up winning a Gold Medal for exceptional styling at the 1959 Brussels World Fair.

Not only was Ford’s 50-millionth vehicle off the line a 1959 Galaxie, but it was also an award winning model. Sadly, the Galaxie is no longer made, having ended its run with the 1974 model. Thankfully the dominance of the Ford Motor Company continues to this day.

Just as Ford continues to develop classic American cars, Cambridge Classic Ford is committed to continuing to develop our relationship with our neighbors. We invite you to come down to the dealership so you can have a classic Ford experience and say hello to your neighbors.

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