Rough, Tough, and Ready – the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport

Let’s face it, not every outing you make in your car is going to be an easy one. In fact, you’re likely to encounter more bumps in the road than smooth stretches of blacktop. And don’t forget to take into account the road trips. Whether you are traveling with family or friends, we know that you’re going to have a full car and even the best route may take you through rocky terrain.

That’s why you, as a driver, need to be prepared for anything the road can throw at you. It also helps to have a vehicle that offers a comfortable ride for everyone. To this end, Cambridge Classic Ford recommends a SUV that has been tested both on and off the road: the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport.

13ExplorerSport_03 (2)

There is plenty of space for all of your passengers and your luggage. With the amount of digital devices that we all carry, Ford was wise enough to place an assortment of outlets in the 2013 Explorer Sport to keep everyone charged throughout your travels. The all-wheel drive and twin-turbo 3.5L V6 engine make for a smooth, but super charged ride.

If you’re looking for an athletic SUV with an aggressive wheel/tire package that can go 0-60 mph in seven seconds, then look no further. Come in to Cambridge Classic Ford and pick out your 2013 Ford Explorer Sport today. Make sure you have your first trip planned and ready to go because this isn’t an SUV that’s meant to sit around in the garage all day.

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