Ford Beats GM in Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck Sales in 2012

Ford Super Duty

If you hadn’t heard the word from, Cambridge Classic Ford is proud to say it’s true: Ford defeated both GM and Ram in heavy-duty pickup truck sales. Topping 119,338 heavy-duty pickups compared to GM’s 111,555 and Ram’s much lower 77,583 trucks sold.

This is a great victory.  Customers who buy heavy-duty pickup trucks tend to be very loyal customers. You don’t really hear many truck-crazy guys talking about how they couldn’t care less between the truck brands… you hear them argue and defend their brand of choice! This goes to show that Ford is really showing its strength by attracting the biggest following.  This following is one that is likely to stick around for years to come and continue to support Ford.

So, this isn’t really just a one-year victory, it’s a sign of Ford dominance in the market, which is a sign in itself of Ford’s unbeatable quality and care for its customers. If you haven’t yet experienced Ford, you really should. You may never want to choose another brand again!

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