Ford Shifts its Attention to Making the F-150 Greener

When Ford showed off its new Atlas Concept at the NAIAS in Detroit, it became apparent that Ford envisioned the future of the heavy-duty pickup truck as strong, but efficient. Some of these technologies include things like active grille shutters, active wheel shutters, a drop-down air dam, and power running boards – which, combined, can save a lot more fuel than conventional vehicles.

What would you think about having a hybrid F-150? An F-150 running on both gas and electricity definitely would be something new and interesting to try out. That’s not the only possibility though, as Ford could also change the materials with which they build their trucks. Possibilities include such advanced, weight-saving materials as high-strength steel, boron steel, aluminum, and even magnesium. We could also likely see carbon fiber become more common.

No matter what path Ford decides to set out on with its popular F-150 series, it’s sure to be an innovative and exciting one. Until they release solid details, our job is to cling onto any rumors that come our way.

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