The Ford C-MAX Breaks Records as the Fastest-Selling Hybrid at Launch

The Ford C-MAX has taken the title of “Fastest-Selling Hybrid” by clearing 8,030 vehicle sales in October and November, its first two months on the market. The C-MAX is doing remarkably well with customers, who are purchasing the hybrid three times faster than the Prius and Insight launches combined. The consumer opinions of the vehicle are overwhelmingly positive.

The C-MAX is a fresh competitor in the hybrid market, not only bringing leading fuel economy to the table, but also serving up a winning combination of performance, fun, and new technology that makes everyone happy. Popular opinion of hybrid vehicles has slowly grown over the past few years, but now about 60% of new car buyers are considering hybrids when shopping. They’re definitely worth checking out – head over to the dealer and give one a spin! Check them out online at

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