Thanksgiving Driving Tips

Happy Thanksgiving from Cambridge Classic Ford! To kick off the holiday season, we’re offering up some driving tips to help you arrive at your destination safely and without incident.

  1. Before you head out, take your car into your local service center for routine maintenance. Have the oil changed, tires checked, fluids refilled, and get an overall inspection to make sure your vehicle is good to go.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep before driving for a long distance. If you do start to feel drowsy while driving, pull over and rest.
  3. Designate a passenger to be the navigator so that you can focus on the road.
  4. Plan your route and an alternate ahead of time.  With heavy traffic and possibly difficult weather conditions, it is important to have a back up plan.
  5. Allow extra time for increased traffic and weather delays.
  6. Schedule regular breaks. It can be tempting to drive straight through to save time, but it is good to stop, stretch, and take a break from driving.
  7. Keep your lights on while driving, especially through rain, sleet, and snow.
  8. Fill up on gas when your car hits a 1/4 of a tank and not E. You never know when you will hit traffic, so be prepared.
  9. Pack snacks, videos, coloring books, and other quiet activities for children. The more entertained they are, the less they will distract you.
  10. Make sure everyone is bucked up! It can be tempting to take off your seat belt during long drives, but keeping them fastened is the best way to ensure everyone’s safety in the event of an accident.

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, food, football, and fun!

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