Win Your Fantasy Mustang Designed Through the Mustang Customizer

To help promote the debut for the 2013 Ford Mustang and to celebrate the online fan base that has helped to increase sales, Ford is re-launching the popular Mustang Customizer.  Four lucky fans who build a Mustang using Customizer will win a Mustang V6, GT, Boss 302 or Shelby GT500. To build your Mustang and enter the contest, visit

“Since the Customizer was originally launched in September 2011, more than 4.1 million different variations of the Mustang have been built by more than 1 million unique visitors,” said Ford marketing communications manager, Lee Jelenic. “We’re having great success in social marketing by actively engaging our fans and it’s helping to fuel the recent Mustang sales resurgence with sales up 18 percent so far in 2012.”

The Mustang Customizer has been substantially upgraded this year.  You can choose different tires, graphics, body kits, customize colors, and even add burn out marks to their favorite back drop.  Contestants can also gain more entries by earning points, which you can accrue by building additional Mustangs, sharing your designs through social media, battling your Mustang against others and inviting your friends to build their own.

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