Save Money on Insurance with Ford SYNC

Drivers of Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with the SYNC connectivity system may soon be able to save money on their insurance if they are insured through State Farm.

Since its creation, the SYNC system has provided drivers with unparalleled connectivity to their vehicle.  Drivers could make phone calls, select music from a variety of connected devices and control the climate of the vehicle with just the sound of their voice.  Now that same system can dramatically cut the cost of insurance premiums.

By utilizing the Vehicle Health Report feature in SYNC, State Farm is able to track how much someone is driving and adjust their insurance rates accordingly.  The program, known as State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program, automatically saves drivers five percent on their insurance premiums for enrolling, but the savings can be even larger.

Customers who drive less than 12,000 miles per year can save even more, and the rates continue to decrease as the miles decrease.  Someone who drives fewer than 1,000 miles annually can save as much as 40 percent on insurance costs.

The Drive Safe & Save program will launch in Utah later this year before becoming available in other states.

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