Ford Driving Skills for Life on the Price is Right

For the first time ever, teenagers ages 15-18, along with their parents, will play on The Price is Right.  The show will highlight to importance of safe driving and the teens will compete for the bonus prize of a Ford Driving Skills for Life event to be held at their high school. The showcase winner of the program will have Kate Voegele, spokesperson for Ford Driving Skills for Life and actress on “One Tree Hill”, perform live at their high school event.

Ford Driving Skills for Life is a program dedicated to teaching teens how to safely operate a vehicle.  Mile for mile, teen drivers are in three times as many fatal collisions as other drivers, and as the summer months begin, learning Ford Driving Skills for Life is especially beneficial.

“Many teens are driving more miles in the summer,” said Jim Graham, manager, Ford Driving Skills for Life. “Teens also drive with other teens in the vehicle, adding to the risk for these less experienced drivers.”

Ford Driving Skills for Life was developed by the Governors Highway Safety Association in 2003, and is recognized at the nation’s most comprehensive driving program.  The program features professional driving instructors, a web-based curriculum and free materials for students, parents and educators.

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