2012 Ford Focus Named One of the Top Cars for College Grads

With college graduation upon us, many new grads will be venturing into the new car market. To help these students, and possibly their parents, make a wise decision on a car that is stylish and fits their needs, but is also affordable, Total Car Score has released a list of the top cars for college grads. The 2012 Focus has made the list.

Total Car Score is a car comparison website and comprehensive auto rating system that assigns a Total Car Score (TCS) to every vehicle in the market based on car reviews from all major automotive authorities.  According to Editor-in-chief Karl Brauer, “College grads are looking to make an investment in a car that is reliable and cost conscious.” Therefore, the list of the top cars for college grads is comprised of the top-rated cars that offer the best quality while also being very affordable, meaning the MSRP starts at under $25,000.

The Ford Focus earned a spot on the list for its controlled ride, excellent steering, sporty handling, and impressive fuel economy.  In total, the 2012 Focus earns a TCS of 82.01 and starts as low as $16,500.  According to Total Car Score, “With the 2012 Focus, Ford shows that small cars don’t have to feel so banal, with charismatic compacts that are more satisfying to drive, more luxurious, and better equipped.”

To make the Focus an even better deal for 2012 graduates, Ford offers special savings to college students and recent grads through the College Student Purchase Program!

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